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These are things we have mentioned or will discuss on the show.

Press Gang Memories

Last week John and Josh hosted the sell-out session at ACMI all about Press Gang and Degrassi.

For those of you who missed out, we’ll be bringing you bits and pieces, leading up to playing the audio version in late March. The first of those is this video that we created out of the testimonials people sent in about their Press Gang influences.

You’ve been listening to…

PeteSmithandFriends.jpgWe had a lot of comments about the three or so minutes of reverse-Pete-Smithing that Brett included as a little Twin Peaks nod at the end of episode 251.

Actual Chad went one step further and created the feel-good hit of the summer. Have a listen after the jump: Continue reading “You’ve been listening to…” »

We’ll be discussing this new Freeview ad on this week’s Boxcutters. It launched last night. Watching it is all the homework you need to do this week.

Problems with the Comments in IE7

People using IE7 have reported to us that they’ve had issues using the Disqus commenting system. Until we can fix this, we’ll be turning Disqus off but leaving comments open.

This means that we won’t have any threaded comments but you will be able to comment more easily.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has or will cause.

OK, so it took us a little while to figure out what was going wrong but it turns out our contact form wasn’t working properly. Bad Contact Form!

It has been disciplined appropriately and we are all sincerely sorry if any of your messages went missing over the past few weeks.

In other news, we’ve opened up our comments using the Disqus system. It means you no longer have to log in to comment meaning you can write your rant and get out before anyone catches you.

There’s also our Facebook page where you can become a fan and see other people in the Boxcutters family.

Enjoy the new openness.

Boxcutters Get Sexy

We’re about to go into the studio to record Special Edition Charley, but before we do, a quiet word in your shell-like ear – we want your input for our first show of 2009. We’re going to be looking at two shows that revolve around sex in the ’70s, and we want your opinion.

Sex on television – is there too much of it? Is there too little? What works for you, and what doesn’t? What is gratuitous and what is justified? What would you cite as good and bad examples?of sex on television, and why? In your opinion, does television portray sex unrealistically? Unethically? Unyieldingly?

We’ll be reading your comments out on the show (it’s just like CNN!) so feel free to discuss the issue in the comment below, or email us at?hooray [[at]] boxcutters [[dott]] net,?or sms us at 0458 288837 (that’s 0458 BUTTDR. Or even 0458 CUTTER).

Boxcutters – you only get out what you put in. Oh, that sounds rude. And a Happy New Year to you all!

Sometimes we all need a break

The past couple of months have been all go go go at Boxcutters HQ so we’ve decided to take a week off. We’ll be back with our big 140th 139th episode on July 7th.

We hope you can find out a way to entertain yourselves until then.

On another note, thanks to Paddy who created a Boxcutters Wikipedia page. Unfortunately it was taken down fairly quickly because, apparently, it didn’t have enough information. Thanks for trying, Paddy.

Anyone who wants to give it another go, please, be our guest. You might want to have a look at some other podcast descriptions on Wikipedia.

Channel Nine Will Not Be Moved

Channel Nine will not be moving from its Sydney and Melbourne bases. They have withdrawn both sites from sale.

The Age reports:

The network is now expected to inject capital to digitise its Artarmon Road, Willoughby, studios in Sydney’s north, and the Bendigo Street, Richmond, studios in Melbourne’s east.
When PBL Media listed the properties for sale at the end of last year, institutional developer demand was buoyant, with the two properties at one time expected to have sold for $200 million.
But sharemarket volatility and a slowdown in the residential market changed the dynamic this year. It has been reported that Charter Hall lowered its price for the Willoughby and Richmond sites to about $165 million.

They just can’t seem to catch a break. What is going on with them? Also, it’s obvious from this latest debacle that since the whole PBL Media creation, Nine is being shaken like a piggy-bank trying to get the money out rather than being used to actually make great television.

Source: The Age

Lost: First 3 Seasons in 8 Minutes

For those interested in seeing the first 3 season recap that Justin was talking about in this week’s episode, this is it here.

Thoughts on a late night chat show?

Now we’ve seen a full season of Mick Molloy doing a chat show – with a twist – after Micallef got bent around by management at 9; Parky’s been around forever and Denton’s picked up that format and thrown in a tear-jerker question at the halfway point; and Letterman has inspired any number of pretenders from Vizard to Rove, I wonder what the Boxcutters family want in a late night talk show.

What do you want to see in a one hour chat show with a personable host and a musical combo on the side? Should there be a monologue? Should the host do a song from time to time?

Does it need to try to be a comedy or can it be sustained with intelligent conversation? A barrel or wheel? Audience interaction? SMS voting? We’ve come a long way from Don Lane’s barrel but would it still work today?

Any thoughts invited – it’s a blank canvas.