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These are things we have mentioned or will discuss on the show.

The golden age of television

OK, so just to clarify the rules one more time. In the last few years television has gone through somewhat of renaissance, from something that is just there to eclipsing film as the exciting medium for storytelling. The Golden Age of Television is an attempt to try and capture the shows that have been responsible for this renaissance.

The shows have been selected through a mixture of appeal and influence. We have tried to limit it to the past 10 years , because that is when this resurgence has largely come about, however this does lead to difficulties. Generally any show that started before 1997 is out, but there are exceptions. For example Larry Sanders and Seinfeld are both out of the timeframe. Larry Sanders was pivotal in creating HBO as we know it so it is in, where as Seinfeld, while undoubtedly very influential but no so much in creating this ?Golden Age? is out. Confused? Excellent.

Obviously it is all very subjective (I mean Firefly??!? Phhhttt, what a joke), and we would love to hear your thoughts and comments. What should be in, what should be out. Tell us how wrong we are. We value your opinion, but remember – the envelope is always right?


Arrested Development
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Friday Night Lights
I’m Alan Partridge
The Larry Sanders Show
Love My Way
Nathan Barley
The Office
The Shield
Six Feet Under
The Sopranos
South Park
The Wire

And by popular demand:


(the people have spoken)


Heroes (originally in, but tossed out on reflection)
The Newsroom (disappeared from the list at the 11th hour)
Sex And The City (again, unlucky not to be included)
The Games (the greatest Aussie comedy?)

WIN’s Brady Bunch Announcement

Further to the “news” item that WIN would be showing Brady Bunch in the afternoon and why they would bother sending out a media release about it, a dedicated listener informed me of WIN boss Bruce Gordon’s current battle with PBL Media/Nine over content deals and pointed me to a Fairfax article from this morning:

“We’re out of contract and they keep threatening to turn us off,” Mr Gordon said. “We said, ‘Go ahead: take your programming off’, and we think it would be a lot of fun if they did. We can program this network. When I bought this network in 1979, there were no affiliation agreements.”

PBL Media, owner of the Nine Network, wants WIN to pay 40 per cent of its revenue in return for programming, up from the 32 per cent it pays under the current agreement, which officially expired on July 1.

Mr Gordon wants the fees reduced to reflect poor ratings, and to bring them into line with the 29 per cent of revenue that WIN’s main regional competitors, Prime and Southern Cross Broadcasting, pay their partners at Seven and Ten.

Apparently it is worthwhile to boast about putting on 35 year old repeats if it means you’re sticking it to the big boys.

WIN calls Nine’s bluff on program supply — The Age


Thanks to David Boxcutter for all the monkeys.


Top 30 Cult Shows

US publication TV Guide has just published a list of what they consider to be the top 30 Cult TV Shows of all time.

I don’t know about you but I can’t understand how The Simpsons gets in there but Arrested Development misses out. Then again, they don’t seem to have listed any criteria or even seek to define what a “cult” show might be.

Of course, magazines have a tendency to create lists in the hope they will be talking points. In that way this list is no different to Who Weekly‘s most intriguining people lists. Similarly, it was probably created in a half-hour meeting with people just shouting names at someone writing them on a white-board.

For your perusal, here’s the list: TV Guide Names the Top Cult Shows Ever

Milch article

With the much awaited John From Cincinnati less the a week away I thought I’d post this short but revealing David Milch article.

Especially interesting in regards to his reasons for originally saying he wanted four seasons of Deadwood.

Fingers crossed about the movies.

Nine’s balls back

This week I mentioned a screencap of the balls returning to 9 now that Eddie’s going. Well, here it is, with a bonus pic:




Just the Pork, Ma’am

Our server issue may have left you with episode 84 running to only 1 hour 5 minutes. The full show goes to 1:10:48.

If you’d like to download just the bit that you missed, here it is:
Direct Download

iTunes seems to be a mite recalcitrant about re-downloading podcast shows – there’s no way I can figure out to make it get the full show again – so, for iTunes users, the news, once again, isn’t good.


Find the culprit

More to my report this week on the Chaser’s serious complaint, I came across a little something in the Australian which I’ve not been able to find in their online version.

It started out talking about their pranks being newsworthy and finding their way into the nightly bulletins before they get a chance to air them on the show proper – this happened with the West Coast Eagle mascot more than a week before it turned up on the Chaser.

The article goes on to talk about the Chaser podcast being number 1 on iTunes Australia and how the download doesn’t include a number of items from the version that went to air:

The Marcus Einfeld sketch is missing due to him being subsequently charged for 13 criminal offences;

The Qantas ad pisstake; and

Andrew Hansen’s musical tribute to Naomi Robson, Goodbye Plastic Face.

The article also talks about the Mercedes Corby suit against TT, et al., stating that Jodie Power has been named in the suit and that Stuart Littlemore QC is Corby’s barrister. Did I mention this could get interesting? As a former host of Media Watch (before it was a crippled piece of dross), with a particular focus on the ethics of tabloid TV, Littlemore’s involvement should make it even more so.

Half story updates

Updating the story about a new show coming up in the US but didn’t have the details to hand:
Melissa George has signed on to a new US drama called In Treatment, from Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg and Noah Tishby. She’s departed the new project from Sex & the City author Candace Bushnell, Lipstick Jungle, after her character was re-written as a 40 year old.
More Info

And on the back of the Quotes segment this week:
Eboni Stocks, the winner of the second series of Australia’s Next Top Model, was removed by security from a Darlinghurst, Sydney bar after allegedly punching a female patron in the face. ANTM isn’t a show I’ve had the pleasure to partake in but, having heard Josh’s offering, now I’m not so surprised to hear about this.
More Info

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