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Sopranos Vanity Fair Article

Whoops. I just realised that during Episode 89 I mentioned a recent article published about the Sopranos.

This article appeared in Vanity Fair and not in Variety as slipped through my unfiltered mouth.

Apologies to all involved.

Just the Pork, Ma’am

Our server issue may have left you with episode 84 running to only 1 hour 5 minutes. The full show goes to 1:10:48.

If you’d like to download just the bit that you missed, here it is:
Direct Download

iTunes seems to be a mite recalcitrant about re-downloading podcast shows – there’s no way I can figure out to make it get the full show again – so, for iTunes users, the news, once again, isn’t good.


Lost Experience / AI

My mistake… The online world created around the timeframe of the Kubrick/Spielberg film, AI, was called The Beast and not the Monster.

Still, it was much, much better than what we’ve seen of the Lost Experience. Perhaps it had something to do with the cool factor of being able to discover the game without the “come on everybody, here’s a mystery phone number and a FANTASTIC game you’re going to LOVE!” we’ve seen with Lost. And it was much more of a community effort to solve the puzzles and put the pieces together.

Here’s the Wiki and Sean Stewart’s (head writer) description.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Yes, we said it was the new Aaron Spelling show but we meant it’s the new Aaron Sorkin show.

Sorry for the slip up.

Update on The Surgeon

I mistakenly mentioned that Craig Melville was the director of the first three episodes of The Surgeon. It was actually Matthew Saville.

My apologies to all those affected.

(But really, you can see how a mistake like that can be made.)

Comments (whoopsidasie)

It has been brought to our attention that the whole comments system has been down since the big move over to the new server. It turns out that something was ticked when it shouldn’t have been ticked. It has since been unticked and comments can once again roam free on the plains.

Bring it on!


Shaun Micallef and Gary McCafferie wrote the first episode of BlackJack but they did not write BlackJack: In the Money. It was written by Katherine Thompson, a television writer in her own right since 1989.

We were wrong

On the first episode of Boxcutters we intimated that we were friends with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht of Diggnation fame. We’re not but we’d like to be. Their show is really cool.

Alex, I’m sorry for calling you Alan on air. ( j )