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We’re about to go into the studio to record Special Edition Charley, but before we do, a quiet word in your shell-like ear – we want your input for our first show of 2009. We’re going to be looking at two shows that revolve around sex in the ’70s, and we want your opinion.

Sex on television – is there too much of it? Is there too little? What works for you, and what doesn’t? What is gratuitous and what is justified? What would you cite as good and bad examples?of sex on television, and why? In your opinion, does television portray sex unrealistically? Unethically? Unyieldingly?

We’ll be reading your comments out on the show (it’s just like CNN!) so feel free to discuss the issue in the comment below, or email us at?hooray [[at]] boxcutters [[dott]] net,?or sms us at 0458 288837 (that’s 0458 BUTTDR. Or even 0458 CUTTER).

Boxcutters – you only get out what you put in. Oh, that sounds rude. And a Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. Number 96 comes to mind. Not only was it progressive for the time (and air time for that matter) I am almost sure it would never make it to air now (at least not on the commercial networks). So with that as a starting point I think you can track rather nicley how sex on TV from the 70s till now. Hell even Blankety Blanks had more over sexual innuendo than we see on prime time commercial networks now.

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