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Ep 316: Paul Verhoeven, Kids’ Gameshows

The very excited Paul Verhoeven has just spent a month hosting a children’s TV game show that he happily tells us all about. It’s fascinating. Really.

Brett has an I Don’t Buy It that brings to light many economic decisions.

Also there are jokes.

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Ep 315: Secret Doctor Who Animation Project

We have a guest donor in the house, Danny Oz, who brings us a story of a BBC-led Doctor Who animation project.

In an I Don’t Buy It as large as a tauntaun, John brings us advertisements from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

If we didn’t cover science fiction so often we could say it’s a science fiction special.

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The Pointlessness of Tweeting at the TV.

One of the most annoying things about living in a sharehouse was trying to sit through the television news with my tedious housemates. How much fun it was to hear their very considered commentary about “the media this, the conspiracy that, I was reading in Pilger’s blah blah the other day…” Manufacturing consent? Here’s some consent. It’s Monday. I’ll let you take this $4.50 and go watch that Polish agridrama at the Nova. I need quiet couch time to watch Married With Children*.

Years later, and the Smug People of the Land Of Smug and their idiot cousins have broken into my lounge room through their twitter accounts.

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john-hurt-as-quentin-crisp.jpgIn Things You May Have Missed, John introduces us to An Englishman in New York, the continuation of the story of Quentin Crisp. We discuss the changes going ahead at the BBC and also look at whether or not the Golden Age of Television has now passed.

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Ep 188: Human Giant, Pink and Penguins

This week was a total mess but we did manage to talk about Human Giant, not buy Optus ads and read out some wonderful letters.

Enjoy the chaos:

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If you want to get more of a taste, check out some embedded action after the jump.

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SBSTWO launches tonight

SBSTWO launches tonight. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the promo they’ve been running:

At least they’re not lying about what it’s going to be. More of the same. How does a television network that is already supposed to be fulfilling a special need, provide more specialised content?
Considering the recent criticism of SBS’s new direction, perhaps SBSTWO will be the channel we all expected SBS 1 to be.

We’ll be discussing this new Freeview ad on this week’s Boxcutters. It launched last night. Watching it is all the homework you need to do this week.

This week, Alexandra Tynan, the designer of the Cybermen, joins us in the studio to talk about costume design and creating a science fiction icon. Also, we have a couple of I Don’ts Buys Its sent in by listeners (see the clips below).

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