Ep 188: Human Giant, Pink and Penguins

This week was a total mess but we did manage to talk about Human Giant, not buy Optus ads and read out some wonderful letters.

Enjoy the chaos:

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If you want to get more of a taste, check out some embedded action after the jump.


  1. I suppose your bananas weren't bilingual? I guess that's how they could get around the cancon rules.

  2. Huhn. After all this time organising <<Mr Black>> for the show, and he never showed?

    DAMN YOU, <<Mr Black>>!

  3. catbrain says:

    You did it again, Josh. You mentioned Karl Malden and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED.

    A little saddened to hear of Mollie Sugden's demise too. [insert vag double entendre here]. More recently (a few years back), I remember seeing her in The Bill, playing an eccentric grifter.

  4. Nathalie Boxcutter says:

    I'm with Catbrain…
    Brett, you did it, again! Poor Karl Madden… Perhaps you should not pronounce any names of TV personalities over 60? They will be able to rest in peace (no punt intended).

  5. Darren Boxcutter says:

    I told you guys to put that thing down before you hurt someone again. Now look what you've done to poor KM.

    I think you should change your podcast just like like show you mentioned on Channel 31 where there is only music and scenes (no actors or talking). You should just have 40 minutes and every so often have a guest segway. then we can all be safe.

  6. Please stop killing people. I'm scared.

  7. Those back flips are awesome. Nice job, whichever one of you is the Acrobatic Boxcutter.

  8. It is truly scary what Josh can do just by saying someone's name.

    I'm not sure you guys want to make him angry… you wouldn't like him when he's angry and he'll probably start naming names from here…

    Luckily, as we've seen before, I have immunity because I've been on the show. That's the antidote, people. If he's named someone you really don't want to die, arrange for them to be on the show.

  9. Rob Boxcutter says:

    I think the video podcast (boxcutters.net/vlog) has been doctored! If you look very carefully you'll notice John isn't moving at all. Or is that Brett…?

  10. Too spooky is the Boxcutter's kiss of death. Who will be next?!? I await with baited breath and will surely take a deep breath next time ANY actor's name is mentioned!

  11. Elliott says:

  12. No, please, ACMA! I'll do anything! Just don't make me prepare an updated handout!

  13. But there is no…

  14. No, please, ACMA! I'll do anything! Just don't make me prepare an updated handout!

  15. But there is no…

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