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Ep 315: Secret Doctor Who Animation Project

We have a guest donor in the house, Danny Oz, who brings us a story of a BBC-led Doctor Who animation project.

In an I Don’t Buy It as large as a tauntaun, John brings us advertisements from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

If we didn’t cover science fiction so often we could say it’s a science fiction special.

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Ep 308: Animaniacs and The Voice

We won’t lie to you. This is one of the best episodes we’ve done*.

In Things We May Have Missed we look at the cartoon series Animaniacs and there’s a special Crap TV that no self-respecting Boxcutters listener should miss.

Toby Halligan is in with Places We Have Strayed and John Richards brings his usual level of delight.

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Ep 303: Unsupervised, Optus, The Voice

Remember that whole Optus vs Telstra, AFL and NFL case that was either going to mean the end of sport forever or the death of the internet? Well, Optus lost last week and we speak to to Lucy Battersby from The Age to find out what the judgement means.

Glenn Peters has been watching The Voice and he tells us why he loves it so much.

Unsupervised is an animated show from FX in the US. Is it good or bad? Will you like it? Who knows? We try to help you make a choice by discussing it at length.

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Ep 256: ACMA Chair Chris Chapman, Emma Magenta

Phillipa Finch

ACMA Chair, Chris Chapman, talks to us about the crazy things that those whacky regulators at the Communications and Media Authority get up to. He also goes into the details behind last week’s controversial David Campbell / Channel 7 decision.

Then we talk to author and artist turned TV animation writer/director, Emma Magenta. Her new show starts on ABC1 on Tuesday night at 10pm. It’s called The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch. It’s a two minute cartoon for grown-ups.

Toby Halligan is our co-host this week. He has a Melbourne International Comedy Festival show coming up. Also, you can read some of the funny stuff he writes.

This week’s question is the same as last week’s: Are you coming to our exciting event at ACMI? Let us know by email.

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Opinions on Southpark and Family Guy

So I’ve created a new category for the posts called Southpark v Family Guy. It will show you the posts where all the comments about this topic are as well as whatever we’ve posted about the issue.

After the jump I’ve included a letter from Riley Boxcutter so that no voice goes unheard in this debate.

If you have an opinion, this is where to voice it. If you’ve sent us an email and I haven’t included it, I’m sorry but make me aware of it and I’ll add yours in too.

Enjoy the argument.

Now read the letter(s):
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South Park Vs Family Guy

Dishy challenged South Park fans to try and explain what we found funny about South Park, so here it is. Please excuse the usual spelling and grammatical errors.

Also, please note the plan is to turn all the South Park/Family Guy stuff into one big thread, which Josh is going to do…… Any time now……..[Which you can find here:- Josh]


[Check it out after the jump:- Josh]
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Futurama Update

So is it a new series of Futurama episodes or 4 straight to dvd movies? One and the same. All is revealed in this Matt Groening interview.

The 4 movies 90 minute movies will be reconfigured into 16 episodes. That’s bound to work.

Oh well, new Futurama is new Futurama.

South Park is back but…

Great to finally have Season 10 about to screen here. As I said in the show 6 months ago it is a top quality series. However it is not without its problems.

Firstly why has it taken SBS so long to screen it? Season 11 has already started in the States. South Park famously has a week turn around from idea to finished product, meaning it can be a relevant, up to the minute satire. This is somewhat negated if SBS don’t screen the episodes for 12 months.

Secondly for some reason SBS is starting with Tsst – a great ep but episode number 8 in the series. For those less numerically inclined that means they have left out episodes one to seven.

My guess is that SBS is trying to make itself as despised as the commercial networks – first ads, now contempt for the viewers by ignoring the running order. How long until they claim these faults are just them responding to viewer suggestion and giving us what we asked for?