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Ep 221: Masterchef, Dead Gorgeous

Nelly Thomas is back in the co-host chair after a very successful comedy festival. We discuss the changes in this year’s Masterchef and review the ABC kids’ series, Dead Gorgeous, in ‘Before and After School’.

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All singing! All dancing! Repeated sax offender Wilbur Wilde is our guest co-host, aussietheatre.com‘s Anne-Marie Peard talks about TV shows that sing (warning: Buffy), we review season 2 of HBO’s Flight Of The Conchords, reminisce about Aussie rock shows and Josh Kinal shows his mad teleportation skills. Oddly, no-one mentions Sweet & Sour (except here).

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    Opinions on Southpark and Family Guy

    So I’ve created a new category for the posts called Southpark v Family Guy. It will show you the posts where all the comments about this topic are as well as whatever we’ve posted about the issue.

    After the jump I’ve included a letter from Riley Boxcutter so that no voice goes unheard in this debate.

    If you have an opinion, this is where to voice it. If you’ve sent us an email and I haven’t included it, I’m sorry but make me aware of it and I’ll add yours in too.

    Enjoy the argument.

    Now read the letter(s):
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    South Park Vs Family Guy

    Dishy challenged South Park fans to try and explain what we found funny about South Park, so here it is. Please excuse the usual spelling and grammatical errors.

    Also, please note the plan is to turn all the South Park/Family Guy stuff into one big thread, which Josh is going to do…… Any time now……..[Which you can find here:- Josh]


    [Check it out after the jump:- Josh]
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    South Park is back but…

    Great to finally have Season 10 about to screen here. As I said in the show 6 months ago it is a top quality series. However it is not without its problems.

    Firstly why has it taken SBS so long to screen it? Season 11 has already started in the States. South Park famously has a week turn around from idea to finished product, meaning it can be a relevant, up to the minute satire. This is somewhat negated if SBS don’t screen the episodes for 12 months.

    Secondly for some reason SBS is starting with Tsst – a great ep but episode number 8 in the series. For those less numerically inclined that means they have left out episodes one to seven.

    My guess is that SBS is trying to make itself as despised as the commercial networks – first ads, now contempt for the viewers by ignoring the running order. How long until they claim these faults are just them responding to viewer suggestion and giving us what we asked for?