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Ep 259: The Chicago Code

ChicCodeYou want in-depth and slightly waffly discussions about what makes good television? You have come to the right place. Dave Lawson joins us as regular co-host, a role he will share with John and Courteney from now on.

We review the new show from Shaun Ryan, the creator of the Shield, The Chicago Code.

If you want more there’s some Pork, some Crap TV, some dumb anecdotes that should never have gone to air and a bunch of other stuff that is probably not work mentioning like breathing and stuff.

Breathe with this:

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Ep 240: The Greatest TV Characters of All Time

kbell.jpgYes, the rumours are true. Boxcutters has been around for five years. You’d think we’d have quit by now but no, we are very bad at learning lessons.

To celebrate our podcast longevity we give you a gift. In fact we give you the greatest gift. We reveal to you, in this very episode, the Greatest TV Characters of All Time. We go through the official and final, no correspondence will be entered into, top 10 with its pros and cons and put in our two cents’ worth.

To everybody who came to the Boxcutters vs Dr Who writers panel at AussieCon, you all get a special mention.

There’s a bunch of news, we read out some letters and mix it up with some pork.

Episode 240: my brain hurts a lot.

Send us an email about all the things we asked you to this week.

This episode is supported by IceTV, giving Boxcutters listeners three special offers, including 30% off a 12 month subscription. Find out more at icetv.com.au/boxcutters

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Ep 221: Masterchef, Dead Gorgeous

Nelly Thomas is back in the co-host chair after a very successful comedy festival. We discuss the changes in this year’s Masterchef and review the ABC kids’ series, Dead Gorgeous, in ‘Before and After School’.

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thepacific.jpgDave Lawson tells us all about the goal of combining football and family entertainment on the Bounce.

Drew Rhodes was the location manager for The Pacific. We find out all about recreating 1940s Melbourne in 2009 and just what the hell a location manager does anyway?

Oh, and also we review the Pacific, just in case there’s not enough content in there for you.

There’ll be some news coming your way shortly.