Ep 259: The Chicago Code

ChicCodeYou want in-depth and slightly waffly discussions about what makes good television? You have come to the right place. Dave Lawson joins us as regular co-host, a role he will share with John and Courteney from now on.

We review the new show from Shaun Ryan, the creator of the Shield, The Chicago Code.

If you want more there’s some Pork, some Crap TV, some dumb anecdotes that should never have gone to air and a bunch of other stuff that is probably not work mentioning like breathing and stuff.

Breathe with this:

Also, we mentioned a few excellent radio shows on Radio National.

We think you should check out:

  • Future Tense – A show all about the roads we’re making towards a better, or at least more interesting future.
  • This American Life – This is the excellent USA radio show that we’ve been telling you to listen to for years.
  • The Lonely Hearts Club – Dave Lawson thinks it’s good and so does Tony Martin. That should be good enough for you. Listen to it

Twitter feeds for:

UPDATE: 10 March

Oh hi there. I found some news items we wanted to mention in the show but didn’t because we got so engrossed in that conversation that seemed to go on forever (but an interesting forever):

  • Automatic profanity checker to be used in US network television (from Variety)

Actually, it turns out that was the only one. Enjoy.

UPDATE: 16 March

Chris Kennett, one of the former writers on The Bounce tells me on Twitter that Ray Matsen was not a writer on the show. Sorry for the error.

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    1. “For want of a better phrase” should be Cropley’s catchphrase.

    2. I thought that last week you promised to never speak of Ben Elton’s show again, and not in the John Farnham sense.

    3. Am I right in my interpretation of your donation drive that you are actually taking some of the money as personal payment for work? That it doesn’t just go towards running costs, but some of it ends up in your pockets?

  2. Michael C says:

    I have not finished the podcast yet but this producing/The Bounce/Let Loose Live/Live From Planet Earth part is so interesting.

  3. I listen to “The moth” alongside “boxcutters” and “this american life” as my regular podcasts.

    If you like this american life for sure check out ‘the moth’ as I think its a step above – real stories told by people at events in pubs etc and some are just incredible. Short and sharp.



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