Ep 260: Perfect Couples, Bendigo St

John Richards went to the former Channel 9 studios in Bendigo St Richmond to help pull it apart. He tells us why. Brett and Josh review the US series Perfect Couples. Brett tells us why. Josh has been watching The Celebrity Apprentice and you probably already know why.

Enjoy responsibly:

Toby Halligan is doing a trial show for his Comedy Festival season this Saturday at the Brunswick Green in Sydney Road at 3pm. Go along. It’s free and funny. Find out more details on the Facebook Event Page.

Update: 15 March, 2011

For those pics of GTV9 we mentioned this week, simply go to the Outland Institute blog.

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  1. For those pics of GTV9 we mentioned this week, simply click here:


  2. Good episode guys.

    I was thinking about your fund-raising efforts. Have you considered a Sponsor a Boxcutter program? I’d quite like to receive a letter from Josh every year saying that my donation let him buy a spindle of DVD-Rs, or one from Toby about the old bound copies of Hansard he bought from an op shop. That’d be nice.

    In other news, you may have achieved the impossible by making me actually want to watch Celebrity Apprentice.

    @Josh Chapelle’s version of Lil Jon is vastly superior to the original:


  3. Lyndal Boxcutter says:

    Nice Annie’s coming out reference John. Well played!

  4. David Boxcutter says:

    Those pictures have the feeling of a less grandiose version of these pictures of Detroit’s ruins:


    Also, Toby needs to step up his game in trotters. Josh claimed the existence of “digital component” video outputs. Component video is analogue, not digital. And it is supported on some CRT TVs.

    Still no answer on exactly what our “donations” are used for?

  5. David Boxcutter says:

    Sorry, scratch my previous post guys, I now realise i was being an annoying sycophant.

  6. I am sure you are all dying to know that GTV9 cemented over the Pool some years back. I remember Daryl mentioning it on one of the come back shows.

    I wonder if Animal and his broken leg was just left there and cemented over.

    I’d love to own the new apartments being built. I would name each apartment. For instance I would build an apartment on the top floor with a see through Skylight and call the apartment “The Moonface Apartment”.

    I’d have an apartment with an Avery and call it “The Faaaarking Crows Apartment”.

    Or how about in the Garden put a kids carousel called “Don’s Wheel”.

    I could go on but won’t

  7. Josh’s Top Chef elimination comment was as egregious as his long-ago Marti Noxon comment. For shame!

    Both are going on my list.

  8. @Josh Good news! I realised there are three finale episodes for this season’s Top Chef rather than the usual two.

  9. You know what’s even better than Penultimate as a team name? ANTEPENULTIMATE! RAAR!

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