Ep 258: Bob’s Burgers, British Shows Down Under

Bsbs HumanFlesh sg4FSometimes we just need to say what needs to be said. That’s exactly what we do this week. We pull no punches and we reveal all our opinions.

Which opinions? Well, we tell you exactly what we think of Bob’s Burgers, the new animated series that airs on Eleven in Australia.

Not enough? We also try to place the blame for the end of Ben Elton: Live from Planet Earth. We use that as a segue into discussing the trend of British shows coming to Australia (if 35 years can be considered a trend).

News, Pork, Trotters, a bit of Crap TV, we have it all in this episode. Oh yeah, and Letters too.

Please send us your comments and queries.

You can read a summary of the Boxcutters Live in the Studio event on the ACMI blog. There’s a lovely little video on there too.

You can buy tickets for Toby Halligan’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival show. You can also read his funny words at Diary Leaks.

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    I don’t know if you’ve watched The Daily Show for the 28th February yet, but it appears that the Boxcutters were comparing and contrasting Charlie Sheen and Glenn Beck’s relative insanity at roughly the same time that Howard Stern and Jon Stewart were.

  2. Paul Boxcutter says:

    Chuck Lorre has already taken a few swipes at Charlie Sheen (prior to Sheen’s outbursts) in his vanity cards…..


    The last few seem to have been sort of directed Sheen’s way……

  3. Freeoh Boxcutter says:

    I know she’s probably submerged in an academic haze at this point, but with the entertainment excellence and comedy gold of this season of Survivor, Nelly Thomas needs to be back in the studio pronto. We need a discussion on saggy fuchsia briefs ASAP.

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