Ep 256: ACMA Chair Chris Chapman, Emma Magenta

Phillipa Finch

ACMA Chair, Chris Chapman, talks to us about the crazy things that those whacky regulators at the Communications and Media Authority get up to. He also goes into the details behind last week’s controversial David Campbell / Channel 7 decision.

Then we talk to author and artist turned TV animation writer/director, Emma Magenta. Her new show starts on ABC1 on Tuesday night at 10pm. It’s called The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch. It’s a two minute cartoon for grown-ups.

Toby Halligan is our co-host this week. He has a Melbourne International Comedy Festival show coming up. Also, you can read some of the funny stuff he writes.

This week’s question is the same as last week’s: Are you coming to our exciting event at ACMI? Let us know by email.

This is a screenshot of the judgement from the ACMA report, as referred to in the interview with Chris Chapman. As always, though, we encourage you to read the full report to be as completely informed as possible.
ACMA Atn7 Decision

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    Brett, wouldn’t the obvious answer to your green-screen pondering be that it’s a lot cheaper to use a green backdrop than to actually build a set?

  2. murrayNE says:

    I think that green screening for news is far from a new thing. I seem to remember watching an ABC newsreader suddenly appear on a background on TV in Perth, and I left WA nine years ago.

  3. My computer objects to your podcast: I’m unable to download any of them.

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