Futurama Update

So is it a new series of Futurama episodes or 4 straight to dvd movies? One and the same. All is revealed in this Matt Groening interview.

The 4 movies 90 minute movies will be reconfigured into 16 episodes. That’s bound to work.

Oh well, new Futurama is new Futurama.


  1. That there will be a new Futurama is the best news the universe has ever heard this millenium. Who cares if it’s direct-to-DVD? TV sucks. DVD is the better medium.

    The real WTF is – why does the iF magazine interview have the name of every TV show in bold? And why is the text formatted like a monkey on crack wrote it?

    TV does suck, but website “designers” suck even more.

  2. I wonder if Channel 10 will end up showing it. They probably will because it will be avaliable on DVD before it can be screened (just like Battlestar Galactica).

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