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Ep 279: Chas Licciardello

The Chaser has a new show called The Hamster Wheel. Josh spoke to Chas Licciardello about causing offence and becoming more mature. The interview is tasteful but may contain references to jokes about incest.

We preview some shows in the new US Fall season, go through some Letters to Boxcutters and give you all the News you want.

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This week: Peter Lane, former Chairman of Channel 31 in Melbourne talks to us about the state of community television in the move to digital; producer Sue Taylor sets our mind at ease about 3 Acts of Murder; and we discuss movies about TV shows from a horrible future where we can only enjoy watching people die.

Also we have the answer to last week’s quiz and a whole bunch of news (and a rant about the whole Chaser thing).

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Another news-worthy Chaser Stunt

This just in from The Age:

Chaser duo held over APEC stunt

And so the Chaser gets more column inches dedicated to them. Those boys do that so well.