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Senate enquiry into ABC cuts

Federal Senator, Nick Xenephon, wants the Environment and Communications References Committee to investigate the recent cuts to production announced by the ABC.

According to the Australian, the Committee is to report back by 12 October 2012.

Meanwhile, the ABC itself reports on the situation with the following par:

Earlier this month Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said he wanted answers from the national broadcaster’s managing director, Mark Scott, over the decision to axe the The New Inventors [sic]and Art Nation.

(Source: ABC News)

There is an issue here about how much influence any government can have over the ABC and where the line of that influence is drawn. Are specific matters of programming and the axing of shows smaller issues than a government should concern itself with? What about when it comes to regional jobs?

Federal and State TV Recycling

The Federal Government in conjunction with the Victorian and NSW State Governments have launched a scheme to recycle old televisions.

If you live in regional Victoria or the NSW border areas currently undergoing the switchover to digital television, you can take your old TV to certain collection points.

In a media release, Senator Conroy said: Most analog televisions will be able to receive the full suite of free-to-air digital TV channels by adding a digital set-top box, so people don’t necessarily need to replace their televisions for the switchover. We are conscious, however, that people may take this opportunity to upgrade their technology, Continue reading “Federal and State TV Recycling” »