Federal and State TV Recycling

The Federal Government in conjunction with the Victorian and NSW State Governments have launched a scheme to recycle old televisions.

If you live in regional Victoria or the NSW border areas currently undergoing the switchover to digital television, you can take your old TV to certain collection points.

In a media release, Senator Conroy said: Most analog televisions will be able to receive the full suite of free-to-air digital TV channels by adding a digital set-top box, so people don’t necessarily need to replace their televisions for the switchover. We are conscious, however, that people may take this opportunity to upgrade their technology,

Too Little Too Late

Throughout Australia televisions have been piling up on nature-strips for the last couple of years. It’s not because of digital television but because of the push towards flat screen TVs in general.

Only some city councils allow e-waste drop off. There is general confusion about what to do with an unwanted television. There is no secondary market and many people lack the ability to transport such a heavy piece of old technology.

Something is Better than Nothing

Still, that’s no reason to not take the governments up on their offer. If you live in the areas mentioned in the media release, find out about your local recycling scheme. If you don’t live in one of these areas, call your local council and find out if they have a service that will recycle your old television.

Australia’s streets are like a postcard to the free-to-air networks about their outdated business model. While it’s poetic it’s not the best use of old technology or nature-strips.

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  1. Something is definitely better than nothing. There are hazardous materials in old TV sets so the more of them that can be recycled will be better for our environment.

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