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Ep 225: Treme, Survivor, Ray Watch


Treme is the new David Simon drama on HBO. We review it for your listening pleasure.

Also, by request, Nelly does a run down of the latest season of Survivor in anticipation of tomorrow night’s finale.

Brett discusses some bad reporting in Ray Watch.

Hey you. Come and celebrate the wonder of the Eurovision Song Contest with Boxcutters.

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Ep 221: Masterchef, Dead Gorgeous

Nelly Thomas is back in the co-host chair after a very successful comedy festival. We discuss the changes in this year’s Masterchef and review the ABC kids’ series, Dead Gorgeous, in ‘Before and After School’.

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Ep 212: Archer, Ray Watch, TV Clichés


Archer is an animated series on FX in the US. Fox 8 announced it will air on March 7 in Australia so we take a little look.

We talk about Chuck vs the *shudder* “shippers”.

In the news we discuss The Biggest Loser fans gone silly, David Leckie on record and Senator Conroy skis his way into the networks’ hearts.

There’s a Ray Watch, some TV Clichés .

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The League is another show about men and their relationships with one another. We take a good long look at it.

We also have a long conversation about whether or not there is a place for episodic drama on television. It’s a very interesting chat with lots of information. We go a little bit high-brow so you might want to wear your thinking-cap.

There’s also a surprise guest right joining us for One Thing.

Episode 210 is the show that had so much in it, we had to go into extra-long overtime. You have been warned.

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Episode 209: Nazeem Hussain, Ben McNair

Comedian Nazeem Hussain joins us in the studio to talk about how dark people, Muslims and immigrants in general are portrayed on Australian television.

Then Ben McNair from Channel 7 News sits down for a chat about Haiti, Black Saturday, the ABC’s 24-hour news channel and Kevin Rudd.

It’s jam-packed information from start to finish.

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Ep 203: Craig McLachlan (really!)

This week we speak at length to Craig McLachlan. He tells us all about Neighbours, the record industry, the wilderness and Alan Dale.

He’s a wonderful guest. Listen to it.

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Ep 198: Beauty plus Geek, Marc Fennell

Corin and Jenna, one of the geeks and one of the beauties from Channel 7’s Beauty and the Geek, join us in the studio to talk about what it’s like to be part of a reality television series.

Marc Fennell, the star of ABCTV’s Hungry Beast is on the phone discussing the controversies around the first episode.

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We have a week full of broken rules of time and finance with:

Tom Elliott inventing the flux capacitor giving us some rational explanations for the asset writedowns and massive profit downgrade at 7 and how hard 9 and 10’s parent companies are doing it;

a preview of Flash Forward, coming to our screens on the 7 network after the ultimate conclusion of Lost; and

The Lost Room from the SciFi Channel in Things You May Have Missed.

Pick up your very own copy of The Lost Room on DVD from Amazon.

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    Gillian Bartlett and Donna Lyon from Bam Boom! Entertainment join us to talk about their very unique television jobs. Also there’s a review of the new Underbelly season premier, and the new US show Lie to Me. Also we look at coverage of the Victorian bushfires in a special Raywatch.

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    This news just in via a Channel 7 media release:

    In a joint statement today David Leckie, CEO of Channel 7, and Tom Maclean, CEO of Somers Carroll Productions, announced that Daryl Somers has decided not to sign for another series of Dancing with the Stars.

    After seven hugely successful seasons of the show he wishes to move on.

    “I’ve had a fabulous time on Dancing with the Stars but I’m ready for a new direction” Daryl said.

    “To be honest, I have felt somewhat restricted by the tightly structured format and feel if I don’t move on now I’ll regret it. If the Network do another season, and I think they should, I hope they hit the refresh button. It’s been a great franchise for Seven and deserves to be taken to a whole new level. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the very professional teams at Granada and Seven and have forged some wonderful friendships along the way”.

    CEO of Channel Seven, David Leckie, added: “Daryl has done a great job on Dancing with the Stars for the network but we understand his reasons for moving on and wish him well for the future”.

    Firstly, after the shock of “really? seven series?” there’s only one thing that this means to me: The producers wouldn’t let Daryl play drums with the band so he’s taken his sticks and gone home.

    Are there any StarDancers fans amongst the Boxcutterati? Will this make you more or less likely to watch the show? Do you think Daryl has other offers up his sleeve? Tell us in the comments.