Ep 210: The League, The Nature of Television Storytelling

The League is another show about men and their relationships with one another. We take a good long look at it.

We also have a long conversation about whether or not there is a place for episodic drama on television. It’s a very interesting chat with lots of information. We go a little bit high-brow so you might want to wear your thinking-cap.

There’s also a surprise guest right joining us for One Thing.

Episode 210 is the show that had so much in it, we had to go into extra-long overtime. You have been warned.

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If You Watch One Thing


  1. murrayNE says:

    Hooray for the special guest!

  2. actualchad says:

    As much as I'm glad to win the comp, I'm a bit disappointed there wasn't a) more entries and b) a chance to hear you guys discuss the entries, and to hear what sort of ideas people had put forward.

    Considering we're a bunch of TV lovers who listen to a bunch of TV lovers, talking about what they do and don't love about TV, it would be interesting to hear what we (the listeners) wanted to see if it was up to us.

    Still, gots me a bean bag. Not all bad.

  3. actualchad says:

    Oh, and it is a new CGI version of The Magic Roundabout.

    Does sort of spoil it a little…

    And did anyone else catch the Groundhog Day report on Ten's Late news tonight? Nice one, Ten!

  4. Also, I don't know that flashbacks to shit things being done to a highschool kid in the nineties are out of place- I attend highschool in 2010, and am familiar with or friends of people who've had the crap kicked out of them, been shoved into lockers, or had their head shoved down the toilet for appearing to be effeminate.
    By-the-bye, John, what did you think of Glee? I'm a bit ashamed to say I have become addicted. Only because of the songs.

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