Ep 212: Archer, Ray Watch, TV Clichés


Archer is an animated series on FX in the US. Fox 8 announced it will air on March 7 in Australia so we take a little look.

We talk about Chuck vs the *shudder* “shippers”.

In the news we discuss The Biggest Loser fans gone silly, David Leckie on record and Senator Conroy skis his way into the networks’ hearts.

There’s a Ray Watch, some TV Clichés .

Have a read of the LA Times blog piece about Chuck and the ‘shippers. Also, here’s the interview with Chuck’s co-creators.

You can read all about David Leckie’s rants and Senator Conroy’s fondness for skiing and networking thanks to the Daily Telegraph.

Let us know if you have any information about ‘shippers or other holidays Sentaor Conroy’s taken that might affect our viewing by sending us email. Alternatively, send us an SMS on 0458 288 837 (0458 CUTTER)


  1. Err, Josh… re the first 30 seconds: “…meow?!”

  2. I hate shippers so, so, so much. Being an adolescent female, I apologize on behalf of my demographic/cohort- they have ruined my enjoyment of perfectly watchable shows. The House/Cuddy dynamic was fairly interesting until fangirls got a hold of it and completely sucked all of the life and chemistry the show had. It's a fanfic ideology, in my opinion- the idea of an OTP (only true pairing, for those who are not quite as pathetic as I) w-hich, just for the record, makes sense only if all the characters are static, as change in characters ruins their fantasy. There's a reason the general public does not read or write fanfic- it's MENTAL. (I enjoyed Due South** so much more before I realized 13 year old girls from Utah were using the characters to write pornography with a lot of bad grammar. I should add: whilst I have ethical problems with the exploitation that I fear some pornography exposes women to, I have no problem with porn itself. If you chose to spend your evenings masturbating to girls dressed in only a band-aid, it's not my place to tell you that that is not okay. However, *if* you decide to get your jollies by imagining a very explicit (and often biologically inaccurate) sex scene between Ray and Fraser, then write it down, post it on the interwebs, and invite reviews- you have ISSUES. Rant over.) **insert any watchable popular show here.
    Do you know what shipper should do? Fuck off and watch Torchwood or Twilight.
    Rant over.

  3. Good lord.

    Am I the only one that misread the above and thought Sophie was referencing Ray Romano and Frazier…

    …I may have watched too much TV already.

  4. I'm now both fascinated and horrified by the concept of Ray Romano/Frazier slashfic. I'd search the internet, but the internet scares me.

  5. Interestingly, “reverse racism” is an admission that racism exists on the other side.

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