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We have a week full of broken rules of time and finance with:

Tom Elliott inventing the flux capacitor giving us some rational explanations for the asset writedowns and massive profit downgrade at 7 and how hard 9 and 10’s parent companies are doing it;

a preview of Flash Forward, coming to our screens on the 7 network after the ultimate conclusion of Lost; and

The Lost Room from the SciFi Channel in Things You May Have Missed.

Pick up your very own copy of The Lost Room on DVD from Amazon.

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    Pitching a buddy detective drama

    OK. ActualChad is clearly throwing everything he’s got at this pitching competition. We’re loving his entries. Here’s a video trailer he produced:

    Think you’ve got what it takes to beat ActualChad? Enter the Pitch Boxcutters competition and win yourself a Crumpler Bean Bag!

    Surprise Paintball

    Here is our first pitch competition entry, from ActualChad Productions:

    Surprise Paintball pitch

    Surprise Paintball pitch