Ep 275: Suits

We take a look at the US series Suits which begins airing on Seven this week.

Also, we take the opportunity, with the chatty Dave Lawson as our cohost, to talk about our television watching habits and the effects our friends have on us.

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If You Watch One Thing

  • Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey – 9:30pm 17 Aug, on ABC1
  • The Thick of It – 10pm Thursday 18 Aug, ABC2
  • Wallander: The Joker – 11:30pm Sunday 21 Aug, SBS2

Audience Participation

How do you watch TV?

We want to hear from you about your television watching habits. Do you watch alone or with friends? Do you have more than one television set? Do you watch on your computer? Do you read email or make macramé belts while viewing?

Please send us an email via the form (or to “hooray” at this domain) and let us know.

Things We Forgot To Mention

  • The Young Talent Time judge we think Dave was referring to was Evie Hayes or maybe someone else entirely different about whom we could find no record.

News Items


We mentioned our Twitter handles last night on the show but in case you missed them:


  1. Thought you should know that on iTunes this episode is just a repeat of ep 273.

  2. Agreed iTunes is providing a free replay of 273 , while I love the Hamish and Andy bashing, once was enough.

  3. David Boxcutter says:

    Somebody uploaded the wrong episode, thereby RUINING MY LIFE!! Thanks a lot, guys.

  4. Brett made me laugh out loud with his comment about the Bananas in Pyjamas not have the opening in the front of their pyjamas. Heh.
    I sit in front of a lot of TV between the hours of 7pm and about 9.30pm, a lot of reality stuff it seems. I’m more often than not on the iphone, whether that’s emails, facebook, internet or playing games.
    I “get” shows on my computer, which I generally watch on my laptop. If I am doing that, I will usually just be watching the show, not multi-tasking, because these are shows that I want to concentrate on, rather than “something on in front of me while I relax/eat/parent”.
    If it is something that my partner is also interested in, I will hook the laptop up to the big TV and we’ll watch it together.
    In terms of podcasts, I really only ever listen to them in transit, either on the bike or train, or in the car if I’m by myself. It’s entertaining and makes the time pass pleasantly, but I do wonder if I could use the time more constructively by thinking my own thoughts, rather than listening to others’ opinions.
    But the same could be said for watching TV, rather than creating my own art.
    In fact, the argument could be made for entertainment in general.

    What a depressing way to end my comments.
    Better end with a light-hearted quip.


  5. question, why would channel 9 be showing camelot, a show which has already finished one season and will not be returning for another?

    Tv watching habits: I “watch” alot of tv, as a university student i often have the tv on while i am writing reports and doing readings, partialy for background noise and partialy to, as odd as this sounds, stop myself getting distracted. I get distracted easily when i am doing readings and the like, but having a second stimulus occupies my whole brain, forcing me to focus more on the reading rather than obsessivly checking twitter and the like.

    I work late nights and i use television from channel bittorrent to help me wind down before bed, when i am doing this the television gets my full attention. Tv at this time of night is usualy something entertaining but something that i will not get too emotionaly invested in such as chuck, suits or hotel babylon (my current obsessive show)

    there are a number of shows which demand my full attention, currently the only show is Breaking Bad, the stressful mood of the show and precisie details make sure i devote an hour to it each week. (god i hope they wrap it up with this season) other shows i have watched like this are the wire and life on mars (UK)

    finaly podcasts, i need to be doing something while i listen to them, thus i listen to them while im driving, walking around town or filling shelves at my second job. that is the only time i fell i can devote the attention they diserve to them. when i am doing anything which requires thinking podcasts are just as distracting as someone talking at you, frustrating and confusing.

    • Are you saying you do or you don’t get emotionally invested in Chuck, Suits and Hotel Babylon?

      Maybe 9 knew that they wouldn’t get all the way through the season of Camelot and don’t care about viewers. There was something else similar recently – I have a feeling it was 7 – but I can’t remember what the show was.

      BTW, we didn’t mention and I didn’t realise, Suits is only an 8 episode season. I went looking for the next ep, finding nothing, and then looked it up. These short US series that we’ve reviewed recently are following an interesting trend – and not for the Breaking Bad first season reason where the writers’ strike happened.

      • suits definately isnt only an 8 ep season, seing as i watched ep 9 last night, acording to wiki its 12 eps

      • chuck, suits and hotel babylon i am happy to duck in and out of while i do other things, like wash the disshes and the like. Dont get me wrong, i love the shows but they dont demand the full attention that other more intense shows do

  6. The list of all the YTT members, which I mentioned on the show, is at http://www.throng.com.au/young-talent-time/young-talent-time-where-are-they-now

    actualchad: It’s funny because it’s true – actually something that just occurred to me, on the spot, while thinking about gender evidence of the bananas.

    Also, your description about how you watch prompted an idea. Quite possibly, because I almost never watch anything live, not having to wait for the show to come back during the ads might have something to do with me not getting distracted by a portable device I have on my person. Unless it’s something dire that I’m forcing myself to watch, I don’t go looking for something to keep my fingers busy. More often, I am wanting to flip to IMDB so I can figure out where I know someone from but wait for a lull and don’t get to it until the end of the show – if I remember at that point.

  7. I got the impression Dave was talking about Honor Walters who from memory had a blonde longish bob and may have been in her 30s or 40s (I’m bad at picking ages now and this was when I was about 5 so as far as I was concerned she was just a grownup!). Evie Hayes was an older lady and had a walking stick and was possibly even in a wheelchair at times due to her MS.

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