Spring Break with John Safran

This week we’re taking a little hiatus. A few weeks ago Josh recorded an interview with John Safran about his new show John Safran’s Race Relations. Here’s the interview in full.

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  1. Bah! Boxcutters make MordWa cry. No plodgrasp this week…


  2. dalekboy says:

    No 'proper' show, but not a bad little interview with Safran. It certainly made me curious to watch his show.

    Someone got something in at 11:30pm on the last day of the pitch competition? God that's so slack!

    Oh wait it was me, wasn't it? πŸ˜›

  3. actualchad says:

    methinks I got in a little early, what with my expectance of feedback.

    Nonetheless, I say good luck everyone, and if I am to be beaten, may it be by the best entry and not the one with the twenty paper-clipped to the top.

    Looking forward to hearing what people who like hearing people talking about what they like on TV would like to see on TV…

  4. loved the interview with john safran – I've heard quite a few interviews with him recently and this was the first one that didn't just consist of “canned” responses and anecdotes. one of the things I like most about boxcutters is the “how is it made?” questions that other media don't seem to cover

  5. Great interview, but, thanks to twitter I could visualise was the blanket that Josh was under….. πŸ˜‰

    Although I agree that that Beastie Boys skit was one of the greatest to ever go to air, I was disappointed after the question setup that John wasn't asked whether he still had those awesome facemasks used in the reenactment….;) Oh well….

    So I watched the first Race Relations this morning, well worth it, as usual very interesting points interpsersed with stuff from John's life, can't wait to see more. (The look on the scientists face when she realised what only 4 pair of Eurasian underpants meant was gold, and she was onto him very quickly!)

  6. Alex Boxcutter says:

    Great interview Josh, very enjoyable and had a great flow to it.

  7. Yes, good interview. I think Safran is shy to an extreme, despite how he might present himself and the lengths he goes to; that you obviously have a long-standing friendship with him made for a very unforced and enjoyable conversation. First time I've heard him when I didn't want to cringe at some point.

    I don't find his show particularly startling (although I will continue to watch), except for the occasional item that shocks (such as seeing him pashing Michelle's mum tonight – eeeuuuwwwww! He put in the tongue!), and I've been wondering why Safran gets away with what he does and the Chaser guys do something that gets them taken off the air…. I think it's essentially that Safran's body language says “kick me” and the Chaser's is “just you fucking try it”.

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