Live: When TV Goes Wrong

Originally titled “When TV Goes Mad”, this is a live show at ACMI as part of their excellent “Live In the Studio” sessions.

John and Josh will present a trip through television that tried to correct itself by taking the most extreme measures possible.

It’s going to be a lot of fun and you just might learn a thing or two before we’re done.

We promise a lot of discussion about Chances and maybe something else.

Date: 7pm, Thursday 30 August
Location: Studio 1 at ACMI
Cost: Full $15, Concession $12, ACMI Members $11 CHEAP

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  1. Great podcast – thanks heaps. Worth the price of the ipod alone.

    When TV goes wrong –
    Moonlighting – during the writers strike. It didn’t just jump the shark, it pole vaulted over marine life around the world.
    ACA / TT – since always.
    Lost – sorry as I know you’re a fan. When I saw the smoke, the show got fired.
    Hey Dad – it always sucked, but now 20 year since it’s been off air somehow it just got worse.
    Kenny Everett – when he moved from the video show to the television show
    The new Dallas – I haven’t seen it. Just a feeling……
    Fringe – about 45 minutes into the first episode.
    NRL – when the commentators became gambling advocates.
    Scrubs – awseome for 8 seasons. Then they changed the whole location, sets, cast, and hoped we wouldn’t notice. I did.
    Parker Lewis can’t lose – when in the third season they removed the ‘can’t lose’. We all did.
    Star Trek TNG – when they bought out the movie “nemesis”. If I want to see a teenager have a tantrum for two hours, I can visit westfield and not pay $18-50.

    Cheers. Keep the podcast going.

  2. Glenn Peters says:

    Great post, Euan.

  3. I think generally the “we’ve worn out everything about the premise, yet we’re continuing the series” approaches qualify. So, for instance, the “Hey Dad” series without the Dad in them (yes, there was one of those), or the “A Country Practice” series on Channel 10 that aired after it left Channel 7 (Where Wandin Valley moved states and carried over virtually no cast members, plus acquired Jane Hall)

  4. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    Another aspect of tv going wrong is having Martin Lawrence guest host for you. Poison.

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