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Paris burns

Thanks to our European correspondant for putting me onto this.

A newsreader refusing to read a Paris Hilton story.

New Boxcutters Portrait

We all got together over the weekend and had another photo taken.

At last you can see what we really look like.

After the jump you will see, from left: Ross, Brett and Josh.
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BB on CB80s

It took our European correspondent, James Talia, to track down this YouTube clip from Chartbusting 80s. Here’s me, shoving a Boxcutters plug in before getting down to business with some 80s trivia.

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Don’t Forget

There won’t be a podcast until tomorrow due to circumstances beyond our something.

We mentioned it on the show last week but maybe some people forgot.

Boxcutters hits the dancefloor

Very bizarrely, listening to Weird Groovin’ on Triple R with Jazzy Chef doing a live set, our Brian Nankervis ID is being sampled in the mix.

Pork is.. pork is.. pork is on the table… wiggedy-whack!

Just one of those strange things that happen when you send these things out there.

On Radio National

If you were keen on hearing me (Josh) on Radio National last week but missed out, you can catch up on their website:


And this morning’s piece is here (in the second section).

Would you believe TWO perfect seasons?

Despite Josh’s understandable reservations, NBC has confirmed Friday Night Lights will be back for a second season.

Hopefully it is good news. FNL is a great show (Not to be confused with local Big Brother spin off Friday Night LIVE which isn’t).

She who must not be named

She who must not be named, officially boned.

Nine finally ended its tortured relationship with the high-profile star with a terse three-sentence statement.

Nine announced that Rowe, currently on maternity leave, “would not be returning to the Network and that Nine and Jessica had reached an agreement that would allow Jessica to take up other opportunities for her career”.

Read the article.


OMG . . . They killed Kevvie



Is it just me, or do others agree that Kevin Rudd has escaped from South Park?


For the first 9 months I used to find Brett and Ross (BROSS) indistinguishable (as so many of us do). But now I can tell them apart easily.

Ross sounds like this:

Hey hey

whereas Brett sounds like this:

Evening viewers