Channel 10 have picked up a few shows off 9 and will be screening them from next year.

Shows include: Dr Phil, American 60 Minutes stories and most importantly LETTERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More details in this week’s podcast.


  1. Hmmm I wonder when Ten will find time to show Letterman ? Maybe they are going to axe Big Brother Uplate and the Hotdogs show ?

  2. Lets hope. I could see a spot for Letterman straight after Sports Tonight, but that is as a disgruntled Letterman fan desperately hoping Ten gives is a better go than Nine ever did.

    One would think if they bothered to aquire it then they are going to show it at a good time, but who knows?

  3. I have a bit more information about the Letterman situation but I’m saving it for the podcast.

  4. I’m hoping they will treat Letterman with a bit more respect than 9. I would think chTen’s 18-49yo target demographic is where Letterman’s Australian audience lies rather than 9’s 55-105yo target demographic.
    Channel Ten does have a history of picking up shows discarded by other networks and making them work. See Seinfeld, see Neighbours, see something else – probably.

  5. There’s not enough exclamation marks to express that joy, eh Ross?

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Actually I shouldn’t speak too soon. I will have to wait and see how they show it.

  8. Dunno why anyone would want to watch Dr Phil. Apart from the fact he looks like the spitting image of Garry Shandlings side kick on the Garry Shandling show.

    American 60 minutes (isn’t the Australian version bad enough)

    Letterman. Pick of the bunch really.

  9. Man I wish I could edit a post once I had posted it. Its bad that I posted a tortology. 🙁

  10. I can’t figure out the tautology…

    Is it about Hank on the Larry Sanders Show? That was the character name, played by Jaffrey Tambor who went on to play George Bluth Sr. (and his brother) in Arrested Development (without the moustache).

    Letterman ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And channel 9 never, ever put him on before midnight.


  11. Apart from the fact he looks like the spitting image of Garry Shandlings side kick

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