3RRR Radio Show – Tv Songs

(This is my first go at this, so be gentle!)

Having listened to the Radio Show/Podcast, I thought, how about we start a post with some Tv Song related music.

I’m sure there are enough out there for the summer-fill.

my first two are:

1. Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy – Television, the Drug of the Nation

2. The “A” Team Theme (because it would be fun to hear) – it’s on the Napolean Dynamite Soundtrack

add more…….


  1. Knight Rider.
    The Thunderbirds
    Doctor Who
    Red Dwarf
    The Goodies

  2. Daniel G says:

    *“Hockey Monkey” by James Kochalka and the Zambonis – theme from The Loop. Silly and short.

    *Live performances from TV shows – see The Panel, Rove Live and Sunrise compilations.

    *The TV Tunes music channel at AOL Radio should provide inspiration.

    *As a last resort, the Friends theme by The Rembrandts?

  3. Yesterday I heard the theme from Kimba the White Lion for the first time since I was a kid! (“Who lives down in deepest, darkest Africa”…”Africa”) Was doing some research for Focus on Tezuka, which is on at ACMI. It made my day! (and perhaps shows my age).

  4. How about anything from the “Marquee Moon” album?

  5. How about Superhero by Jane’s Addictio(Entourage theme) or That 70s Show Theme by Cheap Trick ?

  6. G’waaan, play The Sopranos theme song (‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3).

  7. Or that O’Jays song they use on The Apprentice.

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