Jericho goes, 24 powers ahead

Looks like Jericho is doomed, rumours circulating it won’t be back next season.

Meanwhile 24 has been greenlit for another two season. This should take them through until 2123 in 24 time.


  1. catbrain says:

    Rumour no more – it’s definitely been axed. Not surprising, really, after being on hiatus for so long. I’d completely forgotten about it until I saw an ad for the Season 2 eps here about a week ago.

  2. Ten are running ads? I haven’t seen any yet.

    We should point out, though, if they’re saying it’s a new season, they’re lying. It’s really just part two of the first season.

  3. I first noticed the ad on 9 May in primetime; I think the ads say “new season episodes”. First ep is tonight – all they’re doing is filling the gap b/w BB programs, so they must figure it will do better than Veronica Mars in terms of holding viewers.

  4. alex boxcutter says:

    what a bugger! I was sort of getting into this show.
    It was interesting, a bit slow, but watchable.
    That’s a real shame!
    I wonder if they’ll do anything to help wrap the story up? The ending was a cliff-hanger after all.

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