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If you were keen on hearing me (Josh) on Radio National last week but missed out, you can catch up on their website: www.abc.net.au/rn/breakfast.


And this morning’s piece is here (in the second section).


  1. Nice one

    BTW If anyone is trying to listen its in the 3rd part.

  2. Rob Boxcutter says:

    The mention of the dark quality of The Sopranos in comparison to Big Love on your TV review segment this week reminded me how the show has changed from its original concept. I recently watched the Sopranos pilot episode and it was a much lighter and more comedic show than what we have been seeing the last few seasons. No complaints here – I love the ominous nature of the later years – just thought it was an interesting development.

    Also, Tony Sopranos’s character was less thuggish, more articulate and his “Joisey” accent was much less pronounced.

  3. catbrain says:

    RB, I see that development in the tone of the show to be a reflection of the changing nature of The Business (it ain’t what it used to be) and Tony’s understanding of himself. Without spoiling anything (as far as I can tell!), there’s also an interesting exchange from S6E19 between Dr Melfi and her psych, Elliot Kupferberg, where they discuss a study suggesting that talk therapy can validate or even enable sociopaths.

  4. Does Fran know your name isn’t spelled Joss, Josh?

  5. Homosexual_Hater says:

    Euwkkhh! I can’t stand Fran Kelly. She looks like a pasty faced lesbian version of Jay Leno. And she is of course a card carrying member of the feminazi fanatic faction that runs Radio National. Listen to the fucking thing, it is run by women for women. Over 70% of the presenters are women, most of the newsreaders are women, and it all the men, apart from the Philosopher’s zone guy, are total emasculated manginas.

    Not to mention they think they have some mandate for what I like to deride as ‘abo’ programming. Do you think any abos listen to RN? Are you fucking kidding me? Poor downtrodden women and abos is all you ever hear about from the fucking bleeding heart cunts that run RN. It fucking sucks. The pandering sycophantic Philip Adams, with his ‘amiable’ style can suck my cock as well.

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