Yasmin is no longer getting married…

Just announced by Channel 10 – Yasmin has been axed.

Good news for all us Futurama fans with the great show moving into the 7pm timeslot.

No word yet on whether Yasmin will get married in any case or if she is destined to be alone her whole life.

Poor Yasmin.

Still, at least Channel 10 are out there trying new things.


  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s a statement at YasminsGettingMarried.com.au – funny how David Mott named The Wedge as one of Ten’s hits, considering last week’s ep got only 26,000 more viewers than Yasmin’s premiere. I think the reasons Yasmin’s show did badly (from the first two eps I saw) was:

    1) There didn’t seem to be any structure to the show, which is what reality game shows need – Big Brother has nomination, eviction and the weekly task; Survivor has challenges, immunity, and tribal council. Yasmin’s first two shows were spent whittling six bachelors down to one to go on a date with her – boring – and I couldn’t see how Yasmin was going to go from single to married!

    2) We heard fuck-all from Yasmin – and only got to see her through prerecorded segments. It would’ve been better if Jo Stanley occasionally asked Yasmin how she was going, live in the studio.

    Ten should’ve given Yasmin at least another week to see if ratings would lift – I was going to watch at least once this week to see if things were more exciting, had Ten not axed the show this weekend. But thankfully, they’re finally screening Futurama! Pity they’re gonna be burning through the “all-new” episodes fairly fast, though.

    And, that’s two failed shows Jo Stanley’s been associated with now!

    – daniel g online at gmail dot com

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and isn’t it great to see a Ten show flop as badly as a Seven or Nine show?

    – daniel g online at gmail dot com

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder in Channel 10 still have to pay for the wedding, or did they leave her at the alter 🙂

  4. Bah damn not being logged in. I have to write this message just to claim that terrible pun 🙂

  5. Ten are paying for the wedding, if and when it happens through the more standard matchmaking activities – according to the SMH.

    I like this nugget: “My ring finger has been bare for too long.” Uh-huh…

  6. OMG I just noticed my ring finger is bare. So’s the cupboard.

    Good riddance, I say.

  7. < "funny how David Mott named The Wedge as one of Ten’s hits, considering last week’s ep got only 26,000 more viewers than Yasmin’s premiere">

    As we’ve said before on the show it’s all about perception with 10 – like last year: The OC was a cool, hip hit on 10 whilst rating about the same as Last Man Stand, seen as a disaster on 7.

    I actually think it was pretty ballsy of 10 to can Yasmin so quickly. Thinking they have had a good run of new shows this year but this one has failed, so pulling it quickly.

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