Trump retains hair, loses dignity

Donald Trump has fended off baldness at wrestling tentpole pay per view Wrestlemania 23.

WWE boss Vince McMahon lost the Battle Of The Billionaires match and thus his hair when his ridiculously large steed Umega was felled by first the guest referee Steve Austin then his opponent Bobby Lashy.

Overall the match was marred by introduction of a second referee, use of a steel bin and Trump’s acting.

Trump was even called upon to do some wrestling, clothes-lining McMahon and later receiving a stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin, neither terribly convincing, proving perhaps he should stick to yelling tasks at sycophants in The Apprentice.


  1. Why do “pingbacks” exist? God they are annoying. You go to read what you think is a new comment, and all that’s there is a quote from the article you just read.

    Just say “no” to pingbacks.

  2. I agree. Pingback sucks.

  3. ok I’ll bite. What the hell is Pringbacks ??!

  4. Well, I’m not sure what “Pringbacks” is, but I imagine that’s what happens when you eat a bad batch of Pringles and they don’t agree with your stomach.

    But a “pingback” is a mechanism by which narcissistic bloggers masturbate each other to feel more important. This is how it works:

    1. Blogger A reads a post on Blogger B’s blog, while masturbating.

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    8. The masturbation gets so great that participants have to clean themselves off with something known as a “Blogroll.”

    9. Somebody’s father gets fucked.

    10. Humanity edges a little closer to total self-erotic asphixiation.

  5. Ahh ha ha ha ha haaaaa…

    That’s so funny, Dishy.

    Shall we turn off pingbacks then? I’m assuming it’s a simple thing in WordPress…

    Oh, by the way, I’ve installed a plugin that allows previewing comments before you commit them for eternity to the post. Just hit the Preview button next to the Post button below the comment box. I’m doing it right now! Previewing that is, not anything to do with Dishy’s comment…


  6. You rock, Brett!

    Yes, turn off pingbacks. The preview thing is even better though.

    Supporting HTML lists would also be cool.

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