Feud goes

Channel 9 has finally lost patience with Family Feud.

I guess after 18 months of claiming it was ‘building’ when there was no real change in the ratings Nine had to do something. Like the whole Rowe departure you just have to wonder why it has taken this long.


  1. catbrain says:

    It makes this quote from Bert yesterday even more significant than was first thought:

    “Finding another contract with the Nine Network is not foreign to me but this one is particularly significant,” Newton said.

    Now, how about canning the godawfulness that is The Catch Up?

  2. Maybe I wasn’t so far wrong with my call on Sarah O’Hare getting a chat show at 5:30, called the Late Late Today Show.

    Here’s an idea for Bert. Give him a variety chat show, 8:30 Tuesday, as a 2-hander with someone not completely vapid. Just off the top of my head:
    Stephen Curry
    Sean Micallef (though the new SBS project probably precludes that)
    Angus Sampson
    John Clarke
    Rhys Muldoon
    Marieke Hardy
    Terri Psiakis
    Wendy Harmer
    Cal Wilson
    Josie Parelli

    Any others come to mind?

    I think it’s a good thing that Bert’s been freed of his 5:30 shackles – as long as 9 handles it intelligently.

  3. They should get rid of that gawd awful show that was on last night. It was so bad I seem to have erased its name from memory. A show about some retards who have to “suffer and bitch” about having to live with Zulu’s for a week.

  4. Ah, you’d be talking about “The Lost Tribes”.

  5. catbrain says:

    Here’s another idea… put Bert out to pasture – I think his time is pretty much over.

    (I’ll get my coat)

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