Promote Boxcutters – Win fantastic Crumpler

Our long anticipated Boxcutters competition is now underway.

All you need to do is spread the word about Boxcutters, in any way you want – the more creative the better – bring new visitors to the site with your special URL and you’ll be in the running for a Crumpler bean bag of your own.

Bean Bag

If you want to enter, send us a message to let us know, through the Boxcutters contact form, so we know how to contact you.

You’ll have to be registered on the site to make your special link so we can make sure we have a unique address for you to use.

How does it work? I’m glad you asked. The link you want to send people to begins with followed by your username on the blog. My username is brett, so the URL I’d put out is

For our unusual users with more than one word in their username, where there’s a space, enter “%20”. So, if my username was brett boxcutter, the links would be

It seems complicated but remember: you can always get in touch and we’ll explain it some more.

As you spread the word, put a link to where your link is posted, or describe your strategy, in the comments on this post.

The competition is open until 11:59pm on Sunday, September 30, at which point the winner will be decided by the judging panel (Brett, Josh and Ross) based on the number of visitors brought to Boxcutters, with extra points for style and creativity and minus points for shenanigans.

Happy Promoting!


  1. alex boxcutter says:

    So…would it be cool for me to rent a botnet and get shitloads of clickthrough’s?

    hits from brazil and china count right? 😉

  2. alex boxcutter says:

    just kidding by the way!
    love the show guys!

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