ice ice baby!!

Congratulations to Ice TV which won it’s long running court case against Channel 9 today. Great news for the young Aussie company. Onwards and upwards.


  1. It’s moments like this that give us hope.

  2. Nice one Ice TV. I hope that Channel 9 has to pay costs. Let’s all subscribe to EPGs to celebrate.

  3. 9 was ordered to pay costs, and IceTV is considering suing 9 for ‘unjistified threats,’ according to this. Lovely.

  4. Good to hear.

  5. It is truly wonderful news.

    I can’t believe, however, that this was what IceTV ever said:

    It also claimed it was not responsible for subscribers using their computers or video recorders to make copies of television shows and skip ads because the IceTV service simply provided the recording software.

    Surely the article meant to write that they don’t provide the recording software.

    Congratulations to the forces of good!

  6. Marc Edwards says:

    Thanks for the support!

    As I’m sure you can all imagine, we’re pretty stoked about the result. It’s great to know we can keep working away on some of the new things we have coming… lots of unfinished business here!

    Good news for Australia too. It’d be great if eventually there were 2 or 3 IceTVs. We’re all for competing with a level playing field.

  7. Marc Edwards says:

    PS: You’re right Josh… we don’t make anything that actually records and there’s no way anyone from the office would have said that.

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