Marx and Venus

This new show on SBS is an interesting concept poorly planned out. I discussed it at length with Fran Kelly on Radio National this week.

You can listen to it via the internetwebs: Radio National Breakfast (7/8/2007).


  1. Daniel G says:

    Wow, I didn’t know you were still doing Radio National breakfast, Josh! I thought you were only temporarily filling in for the regular TV reviewer.

    I’ve looked at the RN breakfast site, and it looks like you’re on every other Tuesday. Is this correct?

  2. Haven’t actually been watching all that much telly lately (don’t hurt me), so wasn’t even aware this existed. I’ve just checked out the SBS website and it appears all eps will be offered online also – currently 1-3 available.

    Getting the full-blown script via interwebs shout-out is great, but it’s not really that new for SBS: Going Home was user-generated storylines on a daily basis, although it was primarily improv with a little direction.

    And why do you say his surname is ironic? They’re purely going for the pun of Venus and Mars… cos men and women, they’re just so different it’s hilarious. *rolls eyes*

    No mobisodes, btw.

  3. Ironic because he’s the conservative, uptight, capitalist and his name is Marx.

    They’re going for the double whammy of irony and puntastic.

  4. catbrain says:

    I get what you’re saying, Josh – I just don’t think it was their intention; I reckon it was only the basic Mars/Venus crap and the anti-Marxian connection is a bonus, but perhaps you have some inside info? Besides, Marx is a very Jewish name – despite the fact I lean decidedly left, Karl isn’t the first thing I think of when I hear that name.

    Of course the character of Marx is going to be the antithesis of the guys that Venus usually dates – cos it will be all about opposites attracting, blah blah blah…. *sigh*

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