Crumpler Beanbag Giveaway

Don’t forget that you’ve got until midnight on Sunday (30th September) to enter into the Crumpler Beanbag Competition.

If you know a great way to get your link clicked on a lot in the next 24 hours then go ahead and do it. You could be sitting in front of the tube in Crumpler comfort.


  1. catbrain says:

    So when do we get the results, huh??

  2. catbrain says:

    OK… now that I’ve heard this week’s show I feel like a complete dick for asking that question.


    Thanks so much to Crumpler for their generosity (more than bags – it’s a lifestyle *grin*) and many thanks to the wonderful readers of RYWHM for clicking through to Boxcutters – I hope a few of you have stuck around.

  3. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Congratulations Catbrain!

    I guess all the cake paid off . . .

    (just kidding)


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