No Episode Tonight

[Mr Black] couldn’t make it for our third summer edition, unfortunately.

Sorry to get your hopes up.

[Mr Black] had a very busy time towards the end of last year and has promised us that a catch-up in the coming months will make up for it.

I certainly hope so and I’m sure you will too.

Next week our regularly scheduled Boxcutters returns.

And for those who missed out, why don’t you go back and listen to our interview with Pete Smith from last year to tide you over until then.

Lots of love,



  1. guywithoutaname says:


  2. See… I was right.

    Mr Black = Arsehole

  3. ActualChad says:

    Let’s not confuse ourselves: This is the OTHER Mr Black, not the one who, I think Jess McGuire’s words were, “eats semen”.

    Unless that is him. In that case… Tic Tacs All Round!

    BTW, did anyone see the ad for Today Tonight over the weekend (sorry, “at” the weekend, forgetting my journalism background), which announced “We talk to the commentators and get the verdict: What was the greatest tennis match in history?”

    Firsty, King Kong v Robot Christ. Easy.
    Secondly, is it really a verdict? The answer to a survey perhaps? Or Number 1 guess? Top of a Poll? Opinion?
    Semantics? yes. But I think at the very least, they should stick to words they can spell…

    As they announced the words above, on the screen, in big bold letters, it read “THE VEREDICT”

    Oh, and we laughed and laughed…

  4. Best. Episode. Ever.

  5. oh, and @ActualChad – what *is* a verdict, if not a survey of twelve random yahoos meant to represent the community. Admittedly, the sample size isn’t huge, but I’m betting TT wouldn’t have asked more than twelve random people*

    * random people sitting around the TT offices, that is.

  6. paddy red says:

    when is the 28th jan episode gonna be up guys?

  7. In about 40 minutes or so…

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