Wayne Carey Sacked From Nine

Ross mentioned this in the comments but it’s worth having its own post.

Wayne Carey, after being arrested the other night (as we discussed on episode 117), has been fired from Nine.

And the Nine Network this morning said it had sacked the former football great turned commentator, a day after radio station 3AW announced his contract would not be renewed.

So now, the only good thing in Footy Classified, according to Ross, is gone. How will Nine sustain the one year old show? Who will replace Carey in his important role? The 50 people who watch Footy Classified will want to know.

Source: The Age


  1. *all comments prefaced with that magic word – “allegedly”*

    So Wayne Carey has a god-complex and issues with women. Consider me the most surprised man on planet Earth.

    If only there’d been some sign, maybe a series of clues – however subtle – dropped over even several years to warn prospective employers as to his foibles – alas, there were none…

    Mind you, it’s fairly amusing to see 3AW, Nein, etc distancing themselves from him – guys, you hired him BECAUSE he’s a d!ck. You have him on your shows to be a d!ck. Why pretend otherwise now? Contrast to WWE shamefaced-ly removing any mention of Chris Benoit from their tape library and DVD releases – at least they can honestly claim to be surprised. And they’re a company that thrives on a good guy-bad guy dynamic.

    Quick show of hands – does anyone truly believe this is the last we’ll see of Carey on the TV?
    Anyone? Anyone?!

  2. You know what. Ben Cussons might actually be a good replacement. He has the knowledge and it might be a way for him to re-establish himself.

  3. Mord is right – Nine and 3AW were well aware with what they were getting with Carey, Seven were aware too and passed over the opportunity to get him.

    Just to clarify – I think there is lots to like about Footy Classified, but there will be a big hole without Carey and I can’t think of anyone who could replace him to achieve the same sort of dynamic they are after.

    What a pity Kouta’s gone to Gladiators.

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