James Talia resigns from Nine

The Australian Media Diary rumour blog reports (or alleges, they’re not clear on that), that friend of Boxcutters, James Talia, has resigned from Channel Nine news.

The Channel Nine news website still lists him as a reporter but it also lists his age as 34 (he was born in 1975) and has not changed the name of one of their reporters who married and took her husband’s name (or so we understand). It also still features a page for reporter Amy Parks, who moved to Channel Seven in 2009.

We wish James the best of luck with whatever his future has in store for him.

Aside: Punctuation pedants will enjoy the line in the Jacqueline Freegard bio page that lists her outside interests as spending time with “Jack Russell Hugo”. Is that three people, one person or a dog? (Yes, I had a lot of fun looking at the Channel Nine News website.)

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