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If you’d like even more Boxcutter action – and who wouldn’t? – here are a few other shows you may enjoy:

The PodcraftJade Gulliver‘s show about podcasting – is usually a tight half hour. Not this week. Really, it’s like a bonus episode of Boxcutters as?the fabulous Jade tries to get a word in edgeways.?It’s sixty minutes talking about television?- teacher, mother, secret lover. Warning: podcasts about podcasts may break the internet.

That Podcast Show says some lovely things about us, and they’re American so it feels like Hollywood. Listen to the lovely Daniel and Jana?by clicking here.

Josh flies the Boxcutters flag as guest on episode 20 of?The Fool And The Opera, Joy Melbourne’s opera show (hosted by the fantastic Dan Vo).

And don’t forget you can see what the boys would look like if they were awkwardly holding televisions by clicking here. Oh, and buy some T-shirts. It’s better than going nude.