Quizmania ‘Technical Difficulties’

This was left in a comment in a hidden away little place and I thought it deserved a little more exposure.

Good work Matt – none of us happened upon that episode…


Hey Boxcutters,

Matt Boxcutter here. Got home last night, a few beers and a dodgy souvlaki short of my usual self and decided that I would tune into ‘Quizmania’ on Network Eddie. Well…imagine my surprise when I saw that yes…it was Quizmania…but no…there was no quiz. A glitch in the Netwrok Eddie phone system meant that the hosts (two women, who i have never seen before…and after last night…may never see again) had to ‘improvise’ for an hour or so. We were ‘treated’ to speculation about Jessica Simpson’s sexual proclivity…a race between one of the girls (on a trolley pushed by the floor manager) and a monkey (on a trolley pusehd by one of the camera people)…enquiries about the wellness of the crew…a discussion about John English looking like a Panda…and a lot of sunglasses on…sunglasses off…pained banter. I’m not sure if Eddie was watching, but the girls were just about to read out a joke email (yes…it had come to that) when they both grabbed their ear pieces…apologised…and said to stay tuned for some Drew Carey. Drew Carey followed…then another ten minutes of trying to get the phones to work…and then back to Drew Carey. The best late night entertainment that any of the three networks is liekly to put on for some time, and thoroughly enjoyable. Who would have thought that those quiz shows are actually better without the quiz element?




  1. Anonymous says:

    You can view video of the whole thing in a post over at the Nikki Osborne Fanclub.

  2. Thanks for the link… I hadn’t heard any rumours about her being a knocked-up porn star…

    The funny thing is that I thought there were just two presenters on Quizmonkey – the boy one and the girl one. Who could possibly tell there were two girls – until you saw them on screen together.

    I actually caught a couple of minutes last night – just before the end of the show so they were giving the answers away so they could finish on time. They went to a caller but couldn’t hear anything, after asking a couple of times. The phone system had gone down again and the girl (whichever one it was) mentioned something about the gremlins chomping on the wires, very cool and casual, looking like it’s a regular occurance.

    Something else I noticed last night is that Quizmonkey is the only one of the three that doesn’t have a jackpot board so once they get someone with a right answer it’s straight onto the next caller – very anticlimactic – and very cheap on the producers’ part.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I dont care about the quality of the show, I just love perving at Amy Parks. She is such a honey.

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