Ep 122: James Talia, Ashes to Ashes, Tony Mokbel

Big show this week with James Talia calling in from Greece, the long awaited return of Ray Watch and a review of the new BBC drama Ashes to Ashes. Also listen closely for the Quiz, Pork and News all in the places where you would normally expect them to be in the show.

122 reasons to listen:

Many more reasons to let us know what you’re thinking.


  1. Reason 123: The most gorgeous baby blue Crumpler courier bag prize for the Boxcutters Quiz.

    Listen to the show. Answer the [simple] question. Be in with a good chance. Easy!

  2. BTW, Ross, the yahoo7.com/lost site just seems a mess to me… The preview for the next show says it shows Desmond having weird side effects from the trip [I’ll say no more for Jimbo’s sake] but then doesn’t show it at all.

    There’s a recap of clues from ep4 but where are the links to eps 1-3? The only other clue links I can find on the site are for s2&3. The banner has got to be one of the most distracting around and what the hell have ninjas got to do with the island?!

    Show me where you find the useful stuff on the site.

  3. Anyone have a link to this green baby ?

  4. in defense of poor liz hayes, I was taught that soft lighting and Vaseline smeared lenses was known as the cybil sheperd effect… Or “moonlighting”…

  5. OK Brett – yes the site is a bit of a mess, but this analysis below the visual clue is the sort of stuff I like.

    There is a quote below. DON’T READ ON IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN EP 3 OF SEASON 4.

    We returned to the scene later in the episode as the rocket screeched through the sky and landed at Faraday’s feet. He excitedly opened the rocket and pulled out a stop-clock, but his colour drained and panic overtook him when he noticed the time difference of 31 minutes 18 seconds. “This is not good!” In other words, something during the rocket’s course caused it to arrive 31.18 LATER than it should’ve.

    I sent you there last week, but I’m going to direct you there again – go and read Michael Faraday’s wiki entry. People on LOST are named for a reason, and Faraday is no different. Around 1831, Faraday began working on the theory of electromagnetic induction, or the idea that the electromotive force (moving charged metals) in a closed loop is directly proportional to the time rate of magnetic flux. He then built on this idea time and time again, but the theory we’re most interested in is Faraday’s Paradox.

    Faraday’s Paradox states that a magnetic object placed on an free-spinning axis near a metallic object on a free-spinning axis should both remain still, yet force each other to move at the same time. In other words, there is nothing is forcing them to move except themselves, and they’re not actually doing anything to achieve this other than remaining still, which is their ideal state, yet they still move. It makes no sense, yet it makes perfect sense… until you try and apply it in the real world.

    The reason this is so applicable to we Lost fans is simple – the air between the two objects charges with electromagnetism which, when allowed to grow, will begin to bend light, effectively creating an area where time can move at a different speed to that around it. Remember Faraday’s comment last week that the light “doesn’t scatter right”? Bingo. Time is dictated in relation to light and recent studies have called into question whether time really exists; it may very well be a construct of our minds so that we can understand our inevitable trajectory towards entropy. However, even if time does exist, it is a construct of the observer from his perspective. You know what time it is now. Someone in Berlin knows what time it is for them. Yet, someone standing on the moon would award the earth a specific time in relation to the galaxy. Time is dictated by the observing perspective.

    We’ve known for two seasons that there are strange electromagnetic properties at play on the island; Kelvin confessed that the hatch’s purpose was to keep it in check. Could the button have acted as a regulator, reversing the polarity of the charge every 108 minutes so as to not allow the field to grow beyond a point and become self-fulfilling? Even scarier, did Desmond’s turning of the fail-safe key unleash the electromagnetic sphere covering the island, forever unhinging them from real-time?

  6. Yeah, Ross, those wrap-ups are really good for pointing out clues but there seems to be no way to navigate around each of the S4 episodes. It’s either an unnecessarily frustrating design decision or someone has slipped up at yahoo7.

  7. dlutchy says:


    The Lost Podcasts (with Executive Producers)are really worth listening to. They especially avoid spoilers as they want you to watch the show.

    The most they will tell you of the next episode is whose Flashbackforward its going to be.

  8. catbrain says:

    Just getting back to Underbelly for a minute… of course the only reason Nine want to show just 3 eps before Easter is for the advertising revenue during a ratings period.

    When will you people get it into your heads that the shows are only there to get you through to the next ad break?

    I reckon Nine have advertising contracts to fulfill before the end of this ratings block that don’t specify which eps or for how long the ads will run, only that they will be shown during an ep of Underbelly.

  9. @catbrain: Yeah, it’s all about getting the viewer through to the next ad break but they’ve got to have something to draw the viewers to the holding pattern between ad breaks in the first place. A network executive’s job would be perfect if it wasn’t for all the people not watching their station.

    Just back on the yahoo7 nav stuff… someone from there must be lurking around here because they’ve fixed it now. There are links to the clues from each of the episodes of season 4. Yay!

    Still, I’m not sure why a ninja should be any authority on thoughts and feelings on the show. I think ninjas are over-rated these days.

  10. catbrain says:

    @Brett: true, but my point is that it’s ultimately for the benefit of the advertisers, not the viewers. 3 eps will cover the ads already contracted and there willl still be plenty of people who will tune in.

    BTW guys: you may have already reviewed the end of Season 2 of Life On Mars about a year ago, but for those of us watching FTA now who didn’t hear/remember what you’d said, you gave a fairly chunkin’ spoiler about the ending (Josh, I’m pointing my finger at YOU)

  11. Oh I’m so sorry about that. It was terribly remiss of me and I don’t know what I was thinking (clearly I wasn’t). I completely forgot that people might be watching it on FTA. It was selfish on my part and I feel really bad about it.

    Once again, sorry for spoiling it for anybody. I will do my best to be more mindful next time.

  12. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    Apology accepted. Nevertheless, I still feel the need to exact revenge. Petty, I know. But seeing as you are yet to catch up on this show…

    Two and a half men: Season 5, Episode 10
    Alan finds out that Charlie stole his girlfriend in high school, so he sets out to even the score.

    Take that Kinal! Pow!

  13. I agree with Brett – Ninjas are over-rated.

  14. Oh, that Charlie… he’s c-raaazy!

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