Ep 123: The Thick of It, Lots of Swearing


We discuss classifications and what not and it leads to some rather blue language, so be warned.

Also, the usual smattering of Pork, some News, a little Reality upfront, the Quiz, and a Things We Did Miss ? the excellent UK comedy The Thick Of It.





  1. The turtle I couldn’t think of the name of was Tooter Turtle. He and Mister Wizard (a lizard) were part of the Leonardo Lion show.

    Similar to Mr Peabody and Sherwood – though they traveled together – but actually without the historical mandate (Yes, I was crossing the two concepts in my head).

    Tooter Turtle was more an ‘always greener’ lesson which would, invariably, end in Tooter Turtle needing to be saved by Mister Wizard.

    More info at Wikipedia and at TV Party.
    Tooter Turtle

  2. Our friend, David Knox from TV Tonight, pointed out to me that the 24 story about the movie being called 2 was a gag I read on his site. It was a gag I quite enjoyed and decided to repeat but it may have sounded too serious or honest. Sorry for everything ever (including but not limited to not attributing someone else’s joke and possibly misleading the audience). Really.

  3. So that explains the call I had this afternoon from Jonathan Holmes.

    For my part, I hadn’t read the gag anywhere before making my comments… just for the record.

  4. From – and exemplifying – the collected works of Malcolm Tucker:

    “I’m really sorry, you won’t hear any more swearing from us, YOU MASSIVE GAY SHITE! Fuck off!”

    Josh, call me juvenile, but The Thick of It is laugh-out-loud funny every time Malcolm Tucker is on screen, swearing for Britain like it’s an Olympic sport!

  5. catbrain says:

    From an interview with David Chase in November 2007:

    “There is no thought about making a movie now and chances are we will probably not do it. But, at the same time, I’m a writer, and this is how my mind works: I could wake up some morning or James Gandolfini could wake up some morning and say ‘how about it?’ If it was great enough, we might be tempted to do it, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

    STOP CRUSHING MY DREAMS, KINAL! He hasn’t ruled out a movie entirely.
    (I particularly like your laughter, but – there should be more of that.)

    I seem to recall that Corridors Of Power had odd cameos from real pollies – am I remembering correctly? It also followed pretty closely on the heels of Grass Roots, didn’t it? It had its moments, but I don’t remember many…

    Is Alistair Campbell the inspiration for Malcolm Tucker? Haven’t seen the show, but it certainly sounds like it from your review.

    I’m fairly certain that television content, apart from children’s programming and Australian content, is “governed” by a Code Of Practice, ie: not at all, unless enough people complain.

  6. Catbrain, you are right. Malcolm Tucker is not only inspired by but is every inch Alastair Campbell.

    For those who don’t know, Campbell is a Scot raised in the north of England who was a fiercesome political journalist who went on to become Tony Blair’s Director of Communications. Despite his constant protestations that he should not ever become the story, he was the most famous press sec in the history of British politics.

    His attitude, profanity and bollockings are the absolute epitome of Malcolm Tucker, despite denials from the producers of The Thick of It.

  7. Great show, as always 🙂

    I agree that the HD channels don’t have compelling content just yet. I guess the stations are probably a little scared because the market isn’t there yet. And the market isn’t there yet because the content isn’t there. Won’t be long though… things like real time F1 and other sports in high def will help, as will special interest programming.

    ABC2 is great, the timeshift on Ten HD can be handy and HD does look much, much better than SD.

    Regarding set top boxes: High def set boxes can usually play HD on a SD TV (but it’s in SD) as mentioned on the show. HD STBs can be as cheap as $80ish (Coles was selling a HD set top box with HDMI for $79). Dick Smith Electronics have set top boxes for $99. More expensive big brand models are about $300.

    Regarding Freeview: My understanding is that it’s a service, not really a specific PVR. “Freeview is the operator of free digital terrestrial television in the United Kingdom” (from wiki).

    I believe Freeview in the UK manages the digital broadcast, in the same way Digital Broadcasting Australia (http://www.dba.org.au/). I’m not entirely sure how Freeview would fit into the picture here. My guess is that Freeview would also introduce a PVR and EPG that can be used by other manufacturers for a fee.

    I think TiVo would have some issues launching in Aus without an EPG… and we all know what happens when you try to put one together independently! I guess that’s why they chose the partner they did.

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