Ep 125: Tim Ferguson, DAAS Kapital, Big Gig, Emerald Falls

Boxcutters listens to you!! That’s right. This week as per your request ? more boxes, less cutting.

This week the very funny Tim Ferguson takes us through The Big Gig to Axed! and much in between.

We review Emerald Falls.

Plus your latest fix of News and Pork and all things television.

Box Box Boxcutters

Hear here:



  1. In case anyone missed it and wants to catch my coverage of the Melbourne Comedy Festival, you can get it at http://twitter.com/sealfur.

  2. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    Man! Where did those granola kids go? I just finished listening today as I’m only powered by Special K and the odd bagel.

    Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that the Tim Ferguson interview was really interesting. I had totally forgotten about “Book”. I also think Tim’d be a great candidate for the long-form interview when you guys get around to doing them again. I felt that there was more story to be told about each of his projects over the last X years.

    The Lady D Boxcutter watched Emerald Falls the other night and gave it the thumbs up. I caught a bit of it and I actually quite liked the “dumb secrets” aspect. It gave it a bit of a folksy charm in a Hamish Macbeth kind of way.

    Then again, I only saw about half an hour of it so maybe the effects vary with dosage.

  3. “Spend, spend, spend.” Words I’ve never heard.

    Fuck those were the days.

  4. Can websites reprint the program schedule?

    No. Well, kind of. I believe all the big sites (YourTV/TVFix, eBroadcast, etc) all license the data from HWW (owned by Nine) in the same way other magazines and newspapers do. I’m not sure how much HWW pay the TV stations or FreeTV for the data though.

    I would know, but they don’t want our money.

  5. ActualChad says:

    Axed sounds great. I heard Scott Brennen talking about it on RRR as well, saying he’ll be showing censored clips from Skithouse as well.

    Unfortunately I’ll be out of town on the weekend so I can’t go along.

    Any chance to having it on again, or at a pinch, someone taping it?

    Make it a Boxcutters Exclusive, or maybe a Summer Series episode.


  6. Rob Boxcutter says:

    I find myself starved of good television. The Wire has finished, Lost is in mid-season hiatus, In Treatment is about to end … things are bleak. Is there anything out there worth watching?

    Jimbo: Is there anything good in the UK?

    Has anyone seen the (currently airing) 7-part HBO “miniseries event” John Adams?

    In HBO we trust.

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