Ep 126: Gladiators and East of Everything

Get ready for a one-hundred percent excitement filled episode of Boxcutters with reviews of Gladiators and East of Everything. We also have all the television News and Pork you could hope for and a tragic crime against decency in I Don’t Buy It.

Episode 126 will get you going:

Tell us all about it.


  1. No Josh, I didn’t ever watch Nightcap. Did I miss anything??

    I do still love my HD, and yes especially the sport, look out in the coming weeks, rumour is that the US Masters golf and most of the IPL cricket will be only on Ten HD, but i can’t confirm that. Maybe the Boxcutters family can for me.

    @jimbo: if you haven’t seen Two and a Half Men in HD, you are missing out on subtle jokes that you can only get in HD.

    (nah, not really. Bad attempt at April Fools joke)

    Also like you, I loved watching Gladiators as a kid. I was disgusted that it was exactly the same damn show! The chick presenter is HOTTT! so that is a positive, but that is the only one. Tom Williams is crap, Bill Harrigan (former NRL referee) is terrible. Not having Tony Schibeci (notably from Radio SEN and the voice of the MCG) as the voice-over kills it for me. I’ll give it one more week, but I don’t think I can stand it any longer than that. Which is a shame.

  2. Gladiators. Is that wat it’s come to? Kill me now.

  3. catbrain says:

    Post #1

    Re hot chick in Outrageous Fortune: are you talking about Siobhan Marshall, who plays Pascalle West? She was also in Shortland Street.

  4. As far as referees for Gladiators go, I hear the “Nooooooo Bingo” guy has some free time. He even comes with his own uniform.

    And as for HD, who can possibly live with out the weekly 120 minute neighbours marathon every weekend.



  5. guywithoutaname says:

    OMG!!!!! Australians can not access the free south park episodes!!!!!


  6. Matt & Trey… YOU BASTARDS!

    Actually, it’s more likely Viacom – owners of Comedy Central. We’ve seen this before so it’s no surprise they’re BASTARDS.

  7. hey, you can watch the full episodes at southparkstudio with HotSpot Shield… (you can do the same with hulu)

    also, brett, is antonia prebble the one you think is hot? she’s cute as a damn button.

    great episode guys, and josh, good to see you on twitter.

  8. Did anyone see Denton on Monday? Was it just me that got the feeling that Carey just outright lied on a number of the big questions?

    Then, Footy Classified seemed to be full of apologists for the man. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me too much, given they’d be friends and all, but if that’s all they’re going to do why bother talking about it?

  9. @catbrain: Nope – it’s not Siobhan Marshall… I’ve had a look at the Outrageous Fortune web site and haven’t found any shots of her in the cast there. Obviously, she wasn’t a long lived character… seems the OF site is mostly about the later seasons.

  10. (back from work induced exile)

    Err – slight correction to your latest podcast guys; Hulk Hogan is back in his “Hollywood Hulk Hogan” persona from the N.W.O. – not the N.W.A., which is rather a different organisation. I’d PAY DAMN GOOD MONEY to see the Hulkster alongside Dr Dre in the latter (“F’n Legdrop tha Police”?!), but I’m pretty sure that’s not what you intended…

  11. Oh – and apologies for the double post – but what “Gladiators” really needs is a taste of openly-laughing-at-the-product-on-screen a la the late great Billy J. Smith, “It’s a Knockout” style. Or – if you’re old enough – “Almost Anything Goes”.
    Really, there’s quite a lineage of ridiculously overwrought (but fun) physical game shows.
    Still not a patch on “Running Man”, of course.

  12. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Thanks MordWa – I’ve been trying to remember the name of “Almost Anything Goes” all bloody week!

  13. For the record (check the witty pun!):

    APRA = Distribute funds for the publishing portion of the song, ie. the notes, melodies and lyrics. The part that gets used in a cover or printed on sheet music (one of the main reasons it’s separate, which isn’t as relevant these days). Publishing is collected for radio play, TV play and by law as 6.25% (I think) of the physical sale of CD/downloads. Typically APRA is seen to represent the artists and publishers. Money collected by APRA goes to the song writer, which may not be the performer. APRA is non-profit and run quite efficiently.

    PPCA = Distribute funds collected for “recording and/or music video of the song (a particular recorded performance)”. So PPCA is all about a specific execution of a song. I’m a little shakier on PPCA because I’ve never dealt with them. Typically APRA is seen to represent the labels. PPCA is non-profit. I’m not sure how efficient they are.

  14. interesting comment about APRA being “run quite efficently” Marc – until recently i was involved in running a small music festival and we had to pay an APRA license fee each year.

    i was treasurer of the organisation for a number of years, so wrote cheques for said fee for varying amounts over that period – always increasing amounts – but last year, i was the application lady and not only did they send 3 reminder notices to the wrong address AFTER calling me to confirm my details, but when i finally rang post-festival to ask where the invoice was they told me it was for the same amount of money we’d paid about 5 years ago. when i enquired why, i was given a “oh, i came up with that number, because that’s what i felt like charging you” type answer from the chap i was speaking to.

    they didnt strike me as overly efficient as much as dizzy…

  15. Fair call. My experience with APRA has only been as an artist, which has been very good. The efficiency I was referring to was regarding their overheads, which I believe are around 3-4%.

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