Ep 138: All Saints, Degrassi Junior High, Toby Sullivan

This week Toby Sullivan joins us in Ross’s chair to discuss Degrassi and arts programmes. We take a quick look at All Saints and there’s also an I Don’t Buy It to pique your interest.

It’s all there in 138:

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You can also win tickets to see Toby’s new comedy laughing show of humour at Trades Hall in Melbourne on July 2. Just email giveaway@tobysullivan.cc to get your laugh on.


  1. I saw it!

    The wacky add with the walking horshoe!

    It’s for Intralot, the luck factory.

    How insane, it was like the Wonka factory, billowing orange smoke, they had leprechauns, horshoes, there was a village people-style american indian and cowboys (I think) at one point, it was extremely weird….. can’t wait to see what the Gruen Transfer tells me about it! 🙂

  2. Another great ep guys.
    Entertainment Weekly have put together a list of the 100 best shows of the past 25 years. Reading the top ten reminded me of the Golden Age of Television but the further down you get, the looser the definition of best seems to become. Anyone here want to go in to bat that Miami Vice was better than The Larry Sanders Show?
    After a point it reads like the 100 shows whose names we could remember. Here is is:

  3. Thanks Bolden.

    50 points to anyone who can give us a link to the ad on YouTube, Google Video or any other online video repository.

    Your time starts… NOW

  4. So I went to youtube for you, searched for intralot.

    Bam, done.


  5. ActualChad says:

    From memory, Gerry Sont went on to pay (or played in the past) “Melvin, Son of Alvin”, as Josh would say, a greatly underlooked Australian movie.

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