Ep 160: Jane Badler (Diana from V), Sons of Anarchy

The woman who played Diana in V, starred in Falcon Crest and Mission: Impossible, appeared in Murder She Wrote, Fantasy Island… The Wonderful Jane Badler is our guest.

We also speak about Sons of Anarchy, there’s some letters to Boxcutters and a bit of news and pork.

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You can see Jane Badler singing live at the Spiegeltent in Melbourne.

And if you love the show you can buy the album.


  1. hey guys, I have a listener request…

    Can you guys do a segment explaining what the hell Freeview is?

    I know you have touched on this before but I’m still lost.

    From what I understand, its digital terrestrial TV that can be seen by the use of a special box.

    However we already have digital terrestrial TV that can be seen by the use of a special box.

    So what is the difference?!?!

    I’d like to think that I am a somewhat intelligent person however the whole concept of Freeview makes no sense to me. What important bit of information am I missing?

    Google doesn’t help me, nor does the official website.

  2. catbrain says:

    I think Freeview is one of the most deceptive pieces of marketing ever, attempting to give the impression that you will not be able to view these extra digital channels without their product.

    They are very careful with their wording: “equipment that will enable you to receive the full Freeview service will be badged with the Freeview logo.”

    then in a subsequent paragraph – not the same paragraph, mind you…

    “From next year, government legislation will allow each of the free-to-air networks to broadcast an extra digital channel.”

    It’s an EPG, marketed as something more, but you’ll be able to see all the free-to-air digital channels anyway if you’ve already got an HD STB.

  3. ActualChad says:


    Yes, that piece of newspaper has come from my personal collection of ratty old pieces of paper.

    I’ve got clippings from many magazines and newspapers regarding Doctor Who, from the afore-mentioned article on WhoCon 4, to the article from TV Week introducing Colin Baker as the new Dr Who:

    “And this new generation Doctor, like a cross between Burt Reynolds and Einstein, is the sexiest 760-year-old ever to flit through time and space”

    Ahh, to be young and blind.

  4. But then, at the time, his only competition was William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee.

    ‘Sexiest’ is quite obviously a relative term.

    I think Freeview have a big job ahead of them to get people to buy/rent/hire/timeshare(?) their product. If a bunch of telly nerds like us are confused and underwhelmed by the prospect even at this early stage, I don’t see the general population getting too excited.


  5. Seems a bit anachronistic to say ‘a huge choice of 12 channels!!’ with Foxtel/TiVo/Channel BT doing a better job at television for 23872398749 years now.

  6. John Richards says:

    I think DanBo has the crux of the nub here – if the listeners (and hosts) of a weekly hour+ podcast about TV can’t work out what Freeview is… Although you’ve confused your Bakers Dan – Colin Baker came after Tom Baker and Peter Davison, and Davison was arguably sexy… I guess… of a certain sort…

    Guessing that since no-one’s mentioned La Badler so far you might not be interested, but there’s a little more about her appearance on the show at http://outlandinstitute.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/jane-badler-speaks-near-the-outland-institute/ . We ran out of time to talk about Murder, She Wrote and Cluedo so hopefully we’ll try to get her back on down the track – what a TV CV!

    (Yep, I’m pimping my site, OK?)

  7. Oh, dear.

    I saw ‘Baker’ and ‘sexiest Doctor yet’ and my brain instantly went to the one with the least competition. I can understand the argument that Davison was sexy; I certainly appreciated his work as Inspector Christmas on Mrs Bradley.

  8. Will *no*one stand up for Jon Pertwee? The ruffled shirts, that roman profile, the super-winged car, those cat-like dance moves-
    err *getting all flustered* RoWR!
    uhh…I hope Ms Mords doesn’t drop by and read that-!

    As for La Badler, I was just a little disappointed a) no link to the fantasy island bikini pics? b) no mention of the fabulously sh#t “Highwayman” action show – starring Jane, Mark “Jacko” Jackson and Sam “Flash Gordon” Jones. It had a helicopter that folded up onto a truck, people!
    (am I showing my age? guarantee *that* one’ll never make it to DVD…

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