Ep 214: Craig McLachlan Part II

Craig McLachlan

As you will no doubt remember, the first time we had Craig McLachlan in the studio we were all so impressed, charmed and generally gooey about the experience that we had to invite him back to:

  1. Finish examining his career thus far; and
  2. See if multiple exposure to his delightful personality returned us to our jaded and cynical usual selves.

Join us for an episode of Boxcutters no hipster should miss.

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  1. We say “finish examining his career thus far” but really I think we get up to 1994. That man sure can talk. Part 3, anyone?

  2. Can we pretty please have a part 3? PLEASE???

    Can I be elected biggest fan of Craig McLachlan who has
    1) never watched Neighbours
    2) actually cannot remember seeing any of his back catalogue
    3) didn't get into his music

    would gladly remedy some of the above decencies if necessary. Except Neighbours or Home & Away – I will do anything for fandom, but I won't do that!


    Timelady Boxcutter.

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