Boxcutters Episode 46

Back by popular demand – special guest panellist Marieke Hardy.

And what a big show it is!! So many grudge matches you’ll think it’s Wrestmania 46 not Box Cutters 46.

They said we should never let them in the studio together, but we did it anyway – Marieke Hardy and Jess McGuire square off (and talk a little Big Brother 06).

Josh exposes the House Vs All Saints and the fight over the very few medical storylines available (and in true wrestling style switches allegiances at the last moment – I don’t want to say too much but look out for that cheap chair shot, All Saints).

Ross takes on previews and ad revelation in a Crap TV cage match.

And BreBo gets ready to rumble with the world in general, especially the fiasco that late night television has become.

Ep 46. It’s ON!!!!

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