7 canes them

Channel 7 had a crushing victory last night, led by Heroes with a little over 2 mil nationally.

Very impressive figures. It will be very interesting to see how it goes once the immensely popular House returns on 10.


  1. House has just gone huge in the States. It has always done well but the ratings have just gone through the roof. I don’t know if it has anything to do with an increase in the quality of the program or a particular story arc. Will be interesting to see if the same happens here.

  2. When was the last time a drama (ie not reality/game show or sporting event/ceremony) program rated this highly in Australia? Drama debut?

    What are the chances of Seven airing several “encore” presentations? Pretty high I’m betting.

  3. I loved Heroes, I never usually watch Drama shows but this may of hooked me.

  4. MoBo – Desperate Housewives and Lost were both pretty high, well above the 2 Mil mark. And Prison Break. Look for the encore Tuesday.

    Can’t say enough good stuff about Heroes.

    Will be interesting to see what happens with House though… God, medical dramas, hey? Can’t live with them, can’t beat them to death with a stick.

  5. Bugger I missed it. Did they cut the moment when Clair stuck her hand in the blender ??

  6. catbrain says:

    fourthof5: if you’re talking about the insinkerator scene, nope – they didn’t cut it. The encore screening is Tuesday 6 February @ 10.30pm.

    MoBo: here’s a list of the highest-rating debuts on Australian television…

    Desperate Housewives (7) 2.484
    Jesse (9) 2.464
    Veronica’s Closet (9) 2.451
    Lost (7) 2.346
    Dinosaurs (7) 2.391
    The Force (7) 2.295
    Who Wants to be a Millionaire (9) 2.227
    Million Dollar Chance of a Lifetime (7) 2.196
    Friends – Season 1 (7) 2.142
    Suddenly Susan (9) 2.142
    Police Camera Action (7) 2.126
    Heroes (7) 2.109
    Backyard Blitz (9) 2.073
    Always Greener (7) 2.065
    Just Kidding (9) 2.064
    The Block (9) 2.047
    This Is Your Life (9) 2.005
    Prison Break (7) 1.994
    Murder Call (9) 1.975
    1 vs 100 (9) 1.958
    Australian Survivor (9) 1.929
    Dancing with the Stars (7) 1.924
    JAG (7) 1.871

  7. Woah. That list surprises me, not least of all because I haven’t heard of a few of them. What the hell is a Jesse?

  8. Great list isn’t it? About what 19 of them are garbage.

    Just Kidding (9) 2.064 – That must be a joke.

  9. Australian Survivor (9) 1.929

    Wow! Then again I guess that was back in the heyday of Survivor. That must be the US version which was shot in Australia surely.

    Wonder what House got when it first premiered here ?

  10. What a wacky list. People are weird.

  11. @Mobo:
    From memory, I think Jesse was that thing with Christina Applegate about her being a hot, single mum, working in a diner with an overprotective father…

    Nope – that would have been the all Aussie version that no one thought to keep watching after the first few eps. The US one would have been titled Survivor: The Australian Outback – which was season 2.

  12. I think that first ep of Aus Survivor was enough for most people. When they had the first immunity challenge which neither team could actually finish – complete balls up.

    The series got a little better towards the end, but I am pretty sure I was the only one watching by then.

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